Most people can't name all of these '80s hit movies from just one image! Can you?
by Jouviane Alexandre
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"Who you gonna call?!"

While you might be tempted to call the Ghostbusters, we're calling on you for some help with these classic '80s films!

The '80s was a huge decade in film. The brat pack was blowing up the movie screens with John Hughes' classics like The Breakfast ClubPretty in Pink, and Sixteen Candles. You were welcoming the supernatural with E.T. and Ghostbusters. Teens were traveling between the past and future and skipping school. 

These iconic films were determined by their excellent casts and scenery. Can you recognize a young Tom Cruise dancing in a living room in his shirt and socks? Can you spot the difference in film from Michael J. Fox with a body full of hair versus with a denim jacket and red vest?

A decade filled with iconic characters, how could you forget John Rambo and the Terminator? Harrison Ford became iconic as Indiana Jones and Han Solo. Who doesn't remember Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey having the time of their lives?

From child classics like The Goonies to action thrillers like Die Hard, it's impossible to forget the actors in their iconic scenes. From Chuck to John McClane, can you pair the actors and their scenes to their classic '80s films? Will you dominate the '80s or will you be headed Back to the Future? Let's find out!


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