Can You Match the '70s TV Character to Their Show?
by J.P. Naomi
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Do you remember the name of the pig on "Green Acres"? Know who the "Dukes of Hazzard" were, or which Brady girl was the youngest? Prove your '70s TV character mastery with our quiz!

The '70s was a true turning point in TV. Sure, there were still plenty of silly comedies and fish-out-of-water series, but there were also plenty of shows that pushed social boundaries, reflecting sweeping cultural changes that came about during the decade. Shows like "All in the Family," "Good Times" and "Sanford and Son" boldly dove into once-forbidden TV topics like poverty, rape and racism. "The Brady Bunch" took a lighthearted look at divorce and blended families, while "Mary Tyler Moore" proved that an independent working woman could get by just fine without a husband.

Of course, not all '70s shows were necessarily pushing the limits. Action series also ruled the decade, thanks to "Charlie's Angels." Viewers enjoyed a down-home look at the Waltons and the Ingalls families, and the rural TV obsession -- featuring the Clampetts, the Douglases and the Cartwrights -- was winding down by the early part of the decade. 

Think you can match each of these '70s TV characters to the correct series? Take our quiz to find out!


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