Can You Successfully Name These Historic Figures?
by Mark Laufgraben
Pete Souza, Official White House photographer
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Most people go through their lives trying to survive in the face of the challenges of everyday existence. Only a few ever try to rise above their lot, and fewer still actually make changes that impact the course of human civilization. What is it about these men and women? Were they brilliant? Audacious? Connected?  Destined? Or were they simply more lucky than everyone else, a case of being in the right place at the right time?

Surely the reality is a mix of all of these things and more. One thing they all had, however, was a tireless dedication to their chosen causes: whether the creation of great or the commanding of mighty nations, they left their marks on the manifold peoples and cultures of the globe. Here you will find extraordinary artists, brilliant leaders of men and women, scientists and philosophers of dizzying intellect, each of them unique and each of them having enormous impact upon the fate of the world. 

Seize the day! Now is the time to prove your knowledge of these incredible men and women, and rise to face the challenges of our quiz. We have hints to aid you as necessary, but does a master of the extraordinary such as yourself even need them? Take a breath and get ready to face your fate!


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