Love & Relationships

Are your spirit animals compatible? Are they really your soulmate? Is it time to break up? These quizzes will get you thinking about your relationship and your romantic life.

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They say women are mysterious, but we all know it's the men who are the real riddles! Find out which type of man is drawn to you so you can be prepared for any encounter!

By Kennita Leon

We all know that feeling one gets when they first start falling in love, and the trouble is, a crush feels pretty much the same way. So which is it, love, or a crush?

By Brian Whitney

Not sure if you're feeling lust or love? Answer these relationship style questions, and we'll help you decide what that special someone really means to you!

By Artimis Charvet


At some point in life, we all have to dive into the dating pool (whether we want to do so or not). The question is, when your time arrives, will you be ready to date? Take this quiz to see how datable you are!

By Brian Whitney

There are real life princes still out there looking for a princess like you to call their own. Let's find out which one of these royal hunks would be your royal husband!

By Teresa M.

We've all wondered what it would be like to date a celebrity, but do we know who our perfect match is? This quiz will let you know who your perfect man is.

By Khadija Leon

Some of us fall in love at first sight, while others can take years to fall in love with one person. Take this quiz to find out how quickly you will fall in love.

By Tori Highley


These days, a wedding is no casual affair. Planning a big wedding can be a big headache, and there are tons of books and manuals out there to help you do it right when you don't want to pay for a consultant. Find out if you have what it takes to plan a wedding by taking this quiz!

Making love. A roll in the hay. The mattress mambo. Doin' the deed. Ready to test how much you know about sex? As Marvin Gaye would say, let's get it on.

By Molly Edmonds & Sharita Sykes