17 People Share the Most Outrageous Lies Their Parents Used on Them

By: Emily Maggrett

Image: Volanthevist / Moment / Getty Images

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Growing up, did your parents ever tell you tall tales? We're not talking about ordinary parental lies, such as, "Yeah, maybe I'll give you permission. Just let me think about it first." We're talking about real whoppers, like, "The guy who drives the ice cream truck is actually a well-known kidnapper, so it's not safe for me to let you buy treats from him until you're over 18."

Does this piece of parental dishonesty sound crazy to you? Believe it not, it gets worse! For your amusement and entertainment, we've collected a bunch of exceptionally outrageous lies told by ordinary (if slightly irresponsible) parents. You'll hear about how the best way to keep nightmares away is to make your bed every morning, the fact that peeing in the pool turns it neon green and that most college professors require student essays to be written in perfect cursive.

Whether you were lucky enough to have parents who rarely lied to you or if your mom and dad were masters of deception, we think you'll find these true stories to be funny, inspiring and just a little bit terrifying! Ready to hear more? Click through to see our gallery of wild and wacky parental deceits!

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