25 Biggest Mysteries in History

By: Lauren Lubas

Image: Wiki Commons by Unknown author, The Illlustrated Police News

About This Article

Although we like to see a linear history of the world laid before us in a way that we can understand, it's impossible to get those straight results in a manner that we can believe. For example, when you ask for a linear depiction of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, you realize that hundreds of people have their own linear history. With the human mind being flawed in a manner that inserts memories and vivid visuals (that aren't always accurate) into our recollections, it seems impossible to ever learn the truth about anything. 

That's where mysteries come into play. Though many of the mysteries from our history are from a time when records weren't kept, there are some recent mysteries that make us question reality as a whole. Even though we can film someone getting murdered, questions are raised about trajectory, motive and tampered evidence. 

This list isn't just about the mysteries you know. It's a deeper look at the mysteries in our history from around the world. From stone formations that seem to have been magically placed to murder mysteries people have been talking about for nearly 70 years, you will get a greater glimpse at the questions that are still circling the minds of historians and average folks alike.

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