25 Conspiracy Theories That Just Make Sense

By: Lauren Lubas

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From the Freemasons to Jeffrey Epstein, conspiracy theories have been circulating for millennia. Before the Internet came along, most conspiracy theories were delivered via whispers in social circles in a "I heard it from my brother's cousin's pool boy who worked for the real murderer" type of delivery. Later, books were published, asking questions like "Who really killed JFK?" and "Where is Jimmy Hoffa's body?" 

Ultimately, conspiracy theories are rooted in questions and the inability to believe that the evidence, or lack thereof, set forth could possibly be real. To this day, many still theorize that Lee Harvey Oswald could have been the lone shooter in the Kennedy assassination, and the conspiracies that followed were drummed up because no one could believe that one small, seemingly insignificant person could kill such a powerful and beloved leader. 

For the most part, conspiracy theories tend to only be rumors and don't have a lot of facts to back them up. Some of these don't have any supporting evidence. For example, there is no support that the frogs have become homosexual due to chemical warfare. However, other conspiracy theories give us far more answers than questions. They work off documents and create clear lines connecting one fact to another. Here are 25 of those conspiracy theories and how they actually make sense. 

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