25 Disney Guys Ranked From Nope to Yes!

By: Alex Wittman

Image: Walt Disney Pictures / Walt Disney Feature Animation / Silver Screen Partners IV

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Long before Tinder, Bumble and that one horrible blind date with our BFF's cousin, love was simpler. Before we learned dating is one of the hardest parts of adulting, we thirsted after the only guys we knew ... Disney guys! Oh, come on; you know what we're talking about. Over the years, Disney has given us some seriously sexy dudes. And, if we're totally honest, they've produced some duds as well. To prove our point (and because we're in desperate need of a break from swiping left), we're ranking 25 Disney guys from nope to yes!

Please tell us we're starting to jog your memory. You never forget your first crush(es), and if you're anything like us, the first guy to give you butterflies was an animated cartoon. We're not ashamed to admit it! So, what Disney guy did (and, perhaps, still does) it for you? Was it Sheriff Woody from "Toy Story"? Or was Tarzan more your type? Maybe one of the guys from a more recent Disney flick sent your heart racing. Move over Rapunzel because we want Flynn Ryder for ourselves!

Are you curious to see how your Disney crush ranks? Check out this ultimate rundown of 25 Disney guys ranked from nope to yes! 

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