25 Facts You Might Not Know About "Home Alone," Ya Filthy Animal

By: Teresa McGlothlin

Image: Hughes Entertainment

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Both director Chris Columbus and writer John Hughes knew they had a hit on their hands when they were making 1990's "Home Alone." But not all the actors on set agreed! At least one of them thought it was going to be a total flop. Given the fact that the film held a Guinness World Record for 25 years, it seems that the naysayers got "home aloned!" 

When little Kevin McCallister is left behind on a family holiday trip, he has to fend for himself. What starts off as every nine-year old's dream ends up being a Christmastime nightmare when Harry Lime and Marv Merchants decide to burgle the seemingly empty home. No matter how many times we watch the hijinx that takes place, the film manages to steal our hearts. Could you say you know everything there is to know about it, though? 

Take a look at the 25 obscure facts about the filming of the movie, and you'll love it even more the next time you watch it. From the writer's perspective to the painstaking process of casting the film, the making of "Home Alone" is almost as delightful as the laughs you let out when you watch it. You might even get to see Elvis, "ya filthy animal."

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