25 MLB Legends Who Got Snubbed From the Hall of Fame

Ian Fortey

Image: National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

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In very basic terms, the Baseball Hall of Fame is a group of the greatest players of all time. But they only allow in so many players every year, and there's a vote to determine who gets to be included. So how does anyone decide on what makes a player great? Is it home runs hit? No-hitters pitched? Catches? RBIs? Stolen bases? One of the most popular stats used to determine who gets in is WAR or Wins Above Replacement. Not a perfect measure by any means, WAR counts runs produced and saved by a player and calls them wins, hence the "W" in the acronym. The "Replacement" refers to a minor-league replacement player. So how many wins can you get as a player versus how many a minor leaguer or end-of-the-bench player who came in to replace you for a full 162 game season would get? The replacement value is about 40.

WAR is an excellent way to compare players. Babe Ruth has one of the highest WARs in the game at 182.4. Most Hall of Famers have a WAR between 50 and 70, though. And yet there are still players in that range, some better than many current Hall of Famers, who have been snubbed. Let's take a look at 25 of the best examples of this!

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