25 Obscure Facts About the Southern United States

Ian Fortey

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The Southern United States has quite a history that dates back to well before the United States was even a thing. There were many native people living across the area that is now considered the South, from Seminole to Mississippian to Cherokee, Creek and Chickasaw. When Europeans began to colonize North America, it was in the South that many first began to settle. And not just the English either, the Spanish and French both made their homes in places like Florida and Louisiana. So there's a rich history there from many different cultures that still have some influence today.

While most schoolkids have a general understanding of the South from history class where we all learned about the Founding Fathers, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, there's just so much more that goes on we're missing out on. History classes only have time to teach us some of the big facts while the smaller, more obscure stuff often gets pushed aside. Is there room to teach you about the feral ponies that live on Assateague Island off the coast of Virginia and how they swim from one island to another every year? Probably not. But it's still interesting to know. There are many more fun, weird facts like that, too. If you want to know some more, then bless your heart and have a look over yonder at 25 we rustled up for you.

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