25 of the Most Ingenious Ikea Hacks for Your Home

By: Teresa McGlothlin

Image: Morsa Images / DigitalVision / Getty Images

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Since their rise in popularity, IKEA has been proving that you can do a lot with a little. In fact, the company has been doing it since 1943! From completely outfitting your kitchen with new cupboards to furnishing dorms everywhere, IKEA has proven that they can handle any home solution. As great as IKEA might be, their style might not be yours, though. Believe it or not, they have you covered there, too! 

The simple design of any of IKEA's pieces makes the great bones for a litany of DIY projects. Whether you need a skinny storage closet or new video lighting, you'll be able to find the basics you can hack in any one of their aisles. When you read these hacks, you'll want to get started revamping your home the minute you clock out on Friday. 

Need an armchair? No problem! Need a coffee table, but you don't want something plain? You'll feel so inspired by these easy home solutions that you'll want to come up with a few of your own. Your home is your heart, and hacking a few of IKEA's pieces can make it look like a grand castle. Get out your hammer and your paintbrush; you're going to need them! 

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