25 Rainy Day Dates in Chicago Under $50

Beth Hendricks

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It's the trip you've been waiting for ... a visit to the "Windy City," Chicago, home to 2.7 million people, perched on the banks of Lake Michigan. There's Millennium Park with its giant mirrored sculpture known as "The Bean," Navy Pier with its rides, shops and eats, hourly water shows at Buckingham Fountain, and the sports! Let's go, Cubbies and da Bears! 

You wake up ready for a full day of sunshine and exploring ... to rain. But, don't despair! There is still plenty to do in Illinois' largest city, regardless of the weather conditions. Chicago is full of covered and indoor activities that don't even require an umbrella. All you need is a little imagination and our list of 25 best rainy day activities for this Midwest locale. 

Ready to break out your ping-pong paddle? Ever done stand-up? How does being a spy for a day sound? Create your ultimate rainy day bucket list with our top tips. Whether you're in Chicago for business or pleasure or you're a long-time Chicagoan looking for some inspiration, there's something here for everyone. From the arts to axe throwing, from meditation to community meal projects, your social calendar will never look better!

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