25 Rainy Day Dates in Los Angeles Under $50

By: Emily Maggrett

Image: svetikd/E+/Getty Images

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Los Angeles is many things — the center of the film and television industry, a mecca for dreamers and the quintessential Californian city. But there's one thing that L.A. is not known for: being affordable. Instead, the City of Angels has a reputation for being prohibitively expensive, especially if you're dating. Although L.A. does have a few places where you can hang out for free, such as its parks and beaches, it can be hard for residents and tourists alike to come up with budget-friendly date ideas, particularly when it's raining.

Well, we're here to give you some good news: It's actually possible to enjoy yourself in L.A. on the cheap, even if it's wet outside. For this gallery of fun yet affordable date ideas, we spoke to real Angelenos, who offered their best advice on great places to play, break a sweat, eat and shop when you're on a budget.

You're going to find out about Los Angeles' best-kept secrets, from the gritty flea market that your hipster Tinder match will love to the stunning old movie palace that your film buff boyfriend will drool over (especially when he sees how cheap the tickets are.) Whether you're athletic as heck or kind of an indoor kid, we've got amazing date ideas for everyone. Widen your horizons about what Los Angeles has to offer — check out these incredible L.A. rainy day date ideas!

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