25 Things Only Baby Boomers Will Remember

By: Bambi Turner

Image: Wikicommons by Volkan Yuksel

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The period between 1946 and 1964, when members of the baby boomer generation were born, is one of the most idyllic eras in American history. A decade removed from the Great Depression and fresh off a decisive victory in WWII, Americans settled in the suburbs and started families. Unprecedented confidence and one of the most powerful economies on the planet led to higher than average birth rates from the mid-'40s through the mid-'60s, a reversal from the declining birth rates of the previous few decades. The result was a booming generation of young people eager to make their own mark on the world — which they unquestionably did.

This is the generation that watched "I Love Lucy" in real time, dove under their desks during school air raid drills, put together term papers on a typewriter, and witnessed a British invasion that changed the path of rock and roll. They went on dates at the drive-in, can tell you exactly where they were when JFK was assassinated and watched as online shopping made the Sears catalog obsolete. And we're not even going to mention how much phones have changed since boomers were in their teens! 

Want to learn more about the shared history and culture of this generation, or simply look back at the trends and events of your youth? Check out this gallery of things that only baby boomers will remember!

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