27 Secrets to Saving at Target

By: Alex Wittman

Image: ronmcc via WikiCommons

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If you shop at Target — wait, OF COURSE, you shop at Target! Even in the age of Amazon, we still love shopping at Target. Yes, in the actual store! We're guessing you feel the same since there's pretty much nothing you can't find at our favorite big-box retailer. Actually, if we're honest, we usually end up finding what we need and then some at Target. Is it just us, or is it impossible to make a Target run and NOT leave with, like, five things we didn't know we couldn't live without?!

Fortunately for our bank accounts, there are loads of opportunities to save at Target! The retailer's legendry low prices are only the beginning. Because we know how good it feels to score a sweet deal, we're spilling the tea on 27 secrets to saving at Target. Seriously, you don't want to miss these. From the best days to shop for certain items to understanding the mysterious clearance codes, our roundup has all the tips you need to save some serious cash on your next trip to Target.

With all your savings, you can buy ... Well, just make another trip to Target. You're sure to find something you like!

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