Hockey in the Desert? The Top Outdoor Moments in NHL History

By: Ian Fortey

Image: Wikicommons by U.S. Air Force photo/Dave Armer

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Kids have played hockey on frozen ponds and iced-over parking lots for years. It's almost surprising that the NHL has actually had so few outdoor games in its history, especially since it's been playing games for over 100 years. Very few, but still some! And in 2020 the NHL is having its Winter Classic in the great outdoors of Dallas, Texas. If that seems like an unlikely place to hold a hockey game, others have even been played in Las Vegas. If hockey can be played in the desert, it can be played anywhere! In fact, the NHL has been staging regular outdoor games since 2003, and there were a handful of games dating back even further than that.

Sometimes you just need to feel that crisp, cold, outdoor air in your lungs as you watch a true winter sport being played. Yes, it's a lot cozier in an arena but that's not how hockey was made to be enjoyed! The great outdoors is the perfect venue. And with that in mind, let's strap on some skates and take a quick run down memory lane as we check out the best of the best in the history of outdoor games in the NHL.

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