Hybrid vs. Electric: Your Guide to Buying an Eco Friendly Vehicle

By: Dave Davis

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Well, we're still waiting for our flying cars (and we shouldn't hold our breath on that one), but living in the future does have its benefits, and some of the most exciting technology coming out of automaker's factories is that of electric and hybrid vehicles. 

Hybrids have been with us since Toyota kicked things off with the Prius in the late 1990s, but that technology has grown by leaps and bounds as it has matured and grown, and the "curious" vehicle sometimes seen on the roads has become more and more commonplace. 

Along with hybrids, electric vehicles (EVs) have also found their places on the road, and as that technology has gotten more advanced, the range an EV can travel on a single charge has gotten larger, whereas the time needed to charge the batteries has gotten quicker. 

Still, cars with internal combustion engines have ruled the roads for more than a century, and they're not going away any time soon. Some drivers, however, are ready to make the change because they want to limit their carbon footprint or just want to drive a vehicle that's on the cutting-edge of automotive theory. If that's you, then we're here to help you choose which direction you want to take when it comes to selecting your next vehicle! The terms can sometimes be confusing, and there's a lot to learn to make an educated decision whether to go with a hybrid or an all-electric vehicle. We've collected 25 tips, terms, facts and answers to questions you might have, so let's dig into some of the latest tech that you'll be seeing on showroom floors!

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