The Greatest NFL Plays of 2019

By: Beth Hendricks

Image: NFL

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We're more than halfway through the 2019 NFL season. We're not crying; you're crying ... OK, actually, we're crying, too. How did we already get this far into the league's 100th anniversary year? We swear the season just started, like, six days ago. Anyway, here we are. 

Despite the 100th year marking something different about this season, some things never change. By that, we mean, you don't have to get very far into any season to see some football magic: No-look passes (some that work, some that don't); one-handed catches: the "how-did-he-do-that endzone moments; picks; sacks; defensive tricks that leave you with your mouth agape. And 2019's no different.

We've had impressive moments from the usual cast of characters: Mahomes, Rodgers, OBJ. We've seen relative no-namers (we're looking at you, Gardner Minshew) dodge tackles and break free for a game's defining moment. We've even been privy to mid-play equipment adjustments in a "no-big-deal-here's-a-TD-anyway" miracle plays. NFL players can transform the simple into the extraordinary — kickoff returns, 63-yard field goals, defensive plays that had an opposing QB "seeing ghosts." All of them are a part of the magic that is any given NFL season.
Let's relive how we got to this point with 25 of the NFL's greatest plays at this point in the 2019 season. How many did we nail? What are we missing? And can the season's second half possibly top its first? Fingers crossed!

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