The Greatest NFL Plays of the 2010s

By: Beth Hendricks

Image: Minnesota Vikings

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We're ticking down not only the final days of 2019, but the last few days of a decade. (Yes, believe it or not, "10 years ago," is 2010, not 2000.) The 2010s gave us the first iPad, two royal weddings (Will & Kate and Harry & Meghan), "Gangnam Style," the Ice Bucket Challenge and Leo DiCaprio's first Oscar. We mourned Harambe, celebrated marriage rights for all and experienced a total solar eclipse. We don't know about you, but boy are we tired just thinking about it all!

The past decade also gave us some remarkable sports moments, like David Ortiz's powerful speech after the Boston Marathon bombing, Kawhi's four-bounce buzzer-beater to send the Toronto Raptors to the Eastern Conference finals and Simon Biles' four Olympics golds. And, while that's all fine and good, this is about football ... American football, that is. More specifically? The National Football League.

The past decade has been an interesting mash-up of eye-popping tackles, jaw-dropping catches and mind-blowing interceptions (Hello, Malcolm Butler!). As the NFL celebrates its 100th season, we're pausing to celebrate the past 10 years – a decade in review of the best plays, from the "A"wesome to the "Z"any! See how many of these football moments you remember!

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