The Gritty Details of Racing’s Greatest Rivalries

Ian Fortey

Image: Wiki Commons by ideogibs / Wiki Commons by Jack J. Hoden

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The rivalries that exist in the racing world are unlike anything else in the world of sports. Sure, there can be huge ones in other sports like Frazier vs Ali, the Red Sox vs the Yankees, Kobe vs Shaq, but there's something way more low-key about all of these. They play out at human speed. They're rivalries between only people. In the world of racing, it's a man and machine rivalry. It's a rivalry at breakneck speed that can turn on a dime and go from a simple squabble to devastation. It's foul language, fistfights and cars careening into walls at speeds no normal driver will ever experience. There's a lot going on there. Toss in the fact that these drivers square off in a head-to-head battle over and over again, and some of these feuds can get pretty intense. The build-up is a long time coming, and when it finally explodes, watch out!

From the earliest days of auto racing when Henry Ford and the Chevrolet brothers were just proving their mettle right up to more modern-day confrontations like Foyt vs Andretti or Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt, there have been some intense battles on the track. Want to know the details? Check them out here!

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