The Most Heartwarming Animal Stories That Will Make You Smile

By: Ian Fortey

Image: kikatani/Pixabay

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One of the best things about having a pet is the feeling an animal can bring to you. Even in your darkest hour, the unconditional love of a dog or a cat can bring joy to your heart and help you remember that the world isn't always dreary. Animals bring a lightness to you, and their innocence and warmth can make you feel better about yourself and the whole universe. Sometimes the best person you'll ever know isn't a person at all but an animal. 

What better news can a person read than a story about an animal doing something good? Something pure and delightful and silly and fun? These kinds of heartwarming stories, of animals being rescued and animals rescuing us are the kinds of stories that make the news worth reading some days. Their goodness is a nice break from things that can really drag us down into the dumps, and they can often show us that things we take for granted — simple kindnesses, friendships, loyalty — are universal and extend beyond human relationships. Animals are often able to show us the best in ourselves if only we take the time to look. So look here at some of the most heartwarming animal stories guaranteed to make you smile.

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