The Most Popular Classic Cars in the U.S.

By: Ian Fortey

Image: Wiki Commons by Softeis

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With over 100 years of automaking behind us, and literally thousands of cars to choose from, what do you figure the most popular ones of all time might be? How would you even choose? What makes a car stand the test of time more than its competitors? There are so many factors, some of them easy to figure out, like the power and performance of the Chevy Camaro, and others less easy to understand, like the quirky looks of the timeless Chevy El Camino. Lucky for us, several classic car websites have tallied up data over the years based on car sales, online car searches, and user poll data to determine which classics out of the thousands and thousands you could choose from to be the most popular.

While it's pretty easy to guess that a car like a Dodge Charger or a Pontiac Trans Am has a special spot in the hearts and minds of drivers across the country, there are definitely a few surprises you might not have seen coming. But whether you're an absolute classic car expert or just someone who once saw a 1964 Mustang and fell in love with the power and style, why not take a look and see which ones are the most popular ever?

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