The Top 25 Best Cars to Buy Used 2010 and Newer

By: Ian Fortey

Image: Wiki Commons by Kickaffe (Mario von Berg)

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Next to buying a house, buying a car is likely to be the biggest purchase you ever make in life. This is a staggeringly big industry. Nearly 80 million cars were sold in 2018 alone. The dollar amount for that is beyond staggering. Volkswagen alone made over $280 billion in 2018. Ford's revenue was $160 billion. GMC was $147 billion. Add up all the manufacturers in the world, and we're going to have to move from billions to trillions. That's mind-boggling. So it's pretty reasonable to say that looking for a used car is a good idea. Cars are a big money industry, and you need to save a few bucks wherever you can.

Used cars had a pretty shady history in the past; most people have heard a few old-school jokes about not trusting a used car salesperson. But those are old cars and old ways. If you want a really good used car that's going to give you value for your money and the feel of a new car but not the price, you're going to want to look from 2010 and beyond. Modern technology, modern conveniences, modern sensibilities, but old-school prices. That's what you want. So if you want to check out 25 of the best used cars from 2010 and on, buckle up and take a look!

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