The World’s Most Venomous Snakes

By: Ian Fortey

Image: Mike_68/Pixabay

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There are a few thousand species of snakes in the world, and upward of 600 of them possess venom. That's not to say 600 species of snakes in the world are dangerously deadly; the common garter snake was recently determined to have very mild venom and those things live all over North America in people's gardens. It's the snakes with the serious venom you need to worry about, the kinds that produce enough toxin to kill multiple healthy adults. Those snakes are the ones that people fear, but they're also ones that are often least understood. They're just animals, after all, and their venom is just the way by which they defend themselves from predators or incapacitate their prey so they can survive. It's just when human and snakes cross paths that things get ugly.

If you have an interest in snakes, either a fear of the dangerous ones or a respect for the rare and deadliest kind, then it never hurts to learn a little more about them. Snakes often just want to be left alone and they will enforce that desire in a very serious and painful way sometimes. We've assembled a list of 25 of the most venomous that should definitely be avoided. Slither on in and see!

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