Your Crazy Car Stories

By: Ian Fortey

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One billion cars is a lot of cars, as if we needed to tell you that. And that's how many cars are on the road around the world. One billion. What are the odds every single one of those cars is making the morning commute to work, or taking the kids to soccer practice, or rolling out to Disney World with the whole family in tow without a hitch? We'll save you the effort of doing some impossible math and say it's not happening. Every day, in every town, on every road around the world, there are some crazy car stories going on. Some of them end in utter destruction like when a sinkhole swallows your SUV whole. Some of them are just baffling, like when you manage to get across town in a car that's held together by whispers and cobwebs. And some are just bad luck heaped on bad luck, like when you somehow blow out a tire, fix it, and then immediately blow out the spare as well. 

Where you had a family of possums in your engine or whether your car got stolen and inexplicably filled with pudding, you know a crazy car story when you hear one. Why not check out a few of our specially curated tales and see if you can relate?

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