Quiz: The Stephen King's '11.22.63' Quiz
The Stephen King's '11.22.63' Quiz
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If you could change history for the better by traveling into the past, would you do it? How much do you know about Jake's time traveling in Stephen King's "11/22/63?"

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What is the name of the man who introduces Jake to the time travel portal?
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In the TV miniseries, who plays the character named Jake?
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In what business establishment does the time portal appear?
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The discovery of the portal inspires a mission to do what?
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For how long was the book on the New York Times Best Seller list?
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Where is Jake from?
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Jake begins his time travel career by trying to stop what event?
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If someone enters the portal and then returns, how much time has elapsed in 2011?
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What happens to Harry after Jake travels back in time and saves (most) of his family from being murdered?
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King said the book was difficult to write in part due to what?
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How does Jake make money to support his history-changing adventures?
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To which location does the portal take Jake?
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Jake is hired to teach which subject at Denholm High School?
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Which network created a miniseries adapted from the book?
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How long does Al spend in the portal in order to determine if Oswald alone was responsible for JFK's assassination?
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What happens if a character changes the past and then uses the portal again?
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What career does George de Morenschildt have?
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When did King say he got the idea for the novel?
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After he goes back into the past, how long does Jake have to prepare for the assassination attempt?
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What does the color of the card on the Yellow Card Man represent?
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After conducting extensive research, what did King conclude regarding the assassination?
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Which character does Chris Cooper play in the TV show?
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How many pages are there in the book?
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Jake gets himself caught in a lie by singing a song by which band?
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How does Sadie manage to live through Johnny's attack after Jake resets time once again?
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When did the TV miniseries debut on Hulu?
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