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If you could change history for the better by traveling into the past, would you do it? How much do you know about Jake's time traveling in Stephen King's "11/22/63?"

What is the name of the man who introduces Jake to the time travel portal?

Al ages noticeably because of his repeated trips through time.


In the TV miniseries, who plays the character named Jake?

Franco's famous look of consternation plays well into the role of Jake, who faces constant levels of insane stress.


In what business establishment does the time portal appear?

The door in the pantry leads back to the year 1958.


The discovery of the portal inspires a mission to do what?

Al and Jake believe that saving JFK may alter the world's timeline for the better.


For how long was the book on the New York Times Best Seller list?

It rose to the very top of the list and won numerous prizes.


Where is Jake from?

Like so many characters in King's books, Jake hails from Maine.


Jake begins his time travel career by trying to stop what event?

He sets off to stop Frank Dunning from murdering his innocent family.


If someone enters the portal and then returns, how much time has elapsed in 2011?

It doesn't matter if that person goes back for 10 years or 10 minutes, it is always just two minutes in 2011.


What happens to Harry after Jake travels back in time and saves (most) of his family from being murdered?

Jake is distraught to learn that after all of his planning, Harry dies in the middle of the Vietnam War.


King said the book was difficult to write in part due to what?

He researched endless historical details in order to get the setting just right.


How does Jake make money to support his history-changing adventures?

With his knowledge of the future, he's able to win huge money on bets that would otherwise be far too risky.


Who is George Amberson?

In the past, he uses this name instead of his real name.


To which location does the portal take Jake?

Jake winds up in Derry and from there he has to make his way to Texas to find Oswald.


Jake is hired to teach which subject at Denholm High School?

Eventually the principal finds out that there's much more to Jake than just a fake teaching degree.


Which network created a miniseries adapted from the book?

The TV show received reviews that were almost as positive as the book's.


How does Al sell Jake on his plot to stop JFK's assassination?

In the end, changing history and saving lives is much harder than Jake anticipates.


How long does Al spend in the portal in order to determine if Oswald alone was responsible for JFK's assassination?

He devises a plan to stop Oswald but then becomes ill with cancer and can't complete his mission.


What happens if a character changes the past and then uses the portal again?

This aspect makes the consequences of changing past that much more difficult.


What career does George de Morenschildt have?

Jake suspects that George is goading Oswald into committing murder.


When did King say he got the idea for the novel?

Which, when you think about it, wasn't really that long after JFK's assassination.


After he goes back into the past, how long does Jake have to prepare for the assassination attempt?

It is a long time to plot and wonder about saving the world.


How does the Yellow Card Man die?

After he dies, his yellow card turns black.


What does the color of the card on the Yellow Card Man represent?

As the man's health breaks down, the color turns to ominous black.


After conducting extensive research, what did King conclude regarding the assassination?

He doesn't buy that anyone was responsible other than Oswald.


How does Jake's girlfriend Sadie die?

Jake stops the assassination but Oswald kills Sadie instead.


Which character does Chris Cooper play in the TV show?

He plays the crusty character that convinces Jake to give his life to history.


How many pages are there in the book?

King includes incredible amounts of historical details in order to make the plot more believable.


Jake gets himself caught in a lie by singing a song by which band?

The song didn't exist yet but somehow Jake knew the words; Sadie immediately suspects something is wrong.


How does Sadie manage to live through Johnny's attack after Jake resets time once again?

After Oswald kills Sade, Jake resets time; Sadie is able to rescue herself and then rejoin Jake.


When did the TV miniseries debut on Hulu?

The executives at Hulu are not without an ironic sense of humor.


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