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So, you know the current prime minister of Canada, the capital city and a few famous faces. But there's so much more to the country. There are so many delicacies, places and structures that bring fun and joy to the entire country. Chances are that you probably know a few of them, even if you've never visited the "Great White North." Ready to test all of that knowledge?

Canada became a country in official terms in 1867. That means that there are over 100 years of knowledge to be had about the country. From the first prime ministers to some of the most popular media throughout the years, there's nothing more exciting than the history of Canada. Sometimes, history even repeats itself. Just have a look at Pierre Trudeau, who now has a son, Justin, who is the prime minister of the nation. You might be wondering, is it all about the prime minister? In Canada, this is a big deal! 

So, are you considered a clever Canadian? Or at least, an honorary Canadian at heart? If you've answered yes, then you might just have what it takes to ace this quiz. There's only one way to find out, and that's by taking the quiz!

If you live in Canada, chances are that you've paid with this a few times. What is it?

Getting its name from the animal that is pictured on it, the loon, a loonie is worth one dollar. So now, you may be wondering what animal is on the toonie. While it may sound like a cartoon character is featured on the coin, it's actually a polar bear.


Canada often has some weird place names. Can you guess which of these cities are not real?

While indie may be popular within Canada, there's no city named after it. Though they are not as well-known as many other Canadian cities, the weirdly named ones here make the country that much more interesting!


When you sit down to eat at a restaurant, it's pretty common to find a napkin beside you. What is this called in Canada?

A napkin in Canada is better known as a serviette. In fact, Canada isn't the only place in the world that uses this term. A trip to Britain or South Africa can have you using the word "serviette" as well.


The Inuit of the land are known for their incredible statues. Do you know what these are called?

Inuksuit are beautiful statues that are most commonly found in Northern Canada, but you can catch a glimpse of them in other places around the country as well. Historically, they've been used as markers of significant places.


There's a publicly funded radio station in Canada. What is the name of it?

CBC for short, it stands for the Canadian Broadcast Corporation. There are a few different channels that have different purposes such as music and general news. Taxes are used to fund this organization just like Canada's health care system.


Canadian English is a little different than American English. How would you spell "color" in Canada?

While the word "color" is more simple in other parts of the world, don't forget to add your "U" when in Canada. Canada often follows closely to the spellings in British English, such as with words like "honour."


While most people know that French is the second official language in Canada, do you know what the branch of French that is spoken in Quebec is called?

Quebecois is a strand of French that isn't understood by all speakers. For example, speaking Quebecois in France would probably lead someone to ask you what you just said. The language even differs a little bit throughout the country as well.


Two colors are especially famous in Canada. Do you know what they are?

"The Red Green Show" is one that every Canadian has seen at least once in their lives. A type of sketch show, it often focused on the ways of a handyman or outdoorsman with some mishaps or blunders throughout the episodes. Think of "Home Improvement" done in a man cave, with beer.


Sports are large in every country, not just Canada. But do you know which sport was invented in the north?

While Canada often brings hockey up into people's minds, the truth is that basketball has more of a Canadian heritage. Using a ball and a peach basket, the inventor was a Canadian doctor, James Naismith.


While often you give stores your money in order to buy things, which store gives you "money" in return?

A trip to Canadian Tire will leave you walking out with some "Canadian Tire Money" in your pocket. The money comes in a few different values, but the catch is that it can only be used at Canadian Tire and nowhere else.


One type of bacon is very popular in Canada. Which of the following is it?

Peameal bacon is a popular form of bacon that Canadians have loved for years. The secret to the recipe is that it is doused in cornmeal and it can be served as a stand-alone dish as well as used in other dishes.


These commercials had a familiar tune that any Canadian could sing in a heartbeat. What were the commercials called?

While watching television, you're not usually thinking about getting up and moving around. Thankfully, the Body Break commercials were there to remind you to move around instead of just sitting around all of the time. They were only short segments, but they left a lasting impact.


America celebrates Thanksgiving at a different time than Canada does. Do you know what month the Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated in?

October is the time when Canada comes together to celebrate and give thanks for their families, friends and life. Not much is different for the general celebration part of the holiday in the north, it's just held a little earlier.


It's the Vince Lombardi Cup in the United States, but what is the name of the CFL cup that is played for each year?

The Grey Cup got its start in 1909 and has become one of the biggest sporting events in Canada since. It takes on the same type of format as the Super Bowl and has had half-time acts such as Celine Dion, Justin Bieber and Shania Twain.


Living in Canada, you're bound to hear the term "Chesterfield" here and there. Do you know what it is?

A "Chesterfield" was a name for a couch that most households in the country would use. While it was most popular in the past, the word is becoming more and more obsolete as time goes on.


Back to money, which piece is no longer used in Canada?

While it might seem helpful to have a penny around sometimes, the Canadian Mint realized that it lost money making them. Now, the system works a little easier, rounding up or down depending on the price.


Some restaurants can get creative with their names. Which restaurant can you get a "double-double" from?

Named after a famous hockey player, Tim Horton's is one popular place to visit in Canada. If you need that morning coffee fix, you'll want to order a "double-double" which is code for a coffee with two parts of milk and two parts of sugar.


Everyone tunes in to see what this person is wearing each game night. Who is he?

Don Cherry is a Canadian icon who is loved for his contributions to the hockey world, as well as for his unique suit and tie choices. "Hockey Night in Canada" just wouldn't be the same without him on during the breaks!


A hero across the nation, who is known to have run across the entire country in hopes of raising money for cancer research?

Terry Fox was an inspiring Canadian who wanted to do all that he could to help anyone who was diagnosed with cancer. Despite having an amputated leg from the disease, he set out to run across the country in order to raise money for the cause.


This delicious delicacy is made from maple sap and snow. Can you name it?

Two things that Canada is most known for is snow and maple sap. Mix the two together and you get the delicious maple taffy. This could definitely be a problem in the summer when there's no snow to enjoy it with!


Which of these weird critters was something that a Canadian might have thought was real as a kid?

Growing up in Canada meant that you were exposed to commercials that most didn't get to see around the world. The infamous house hippo was part of a commercial for Concerned Children's Advertising. Since being aired in the late '90s, the house hippo is something that most Canadians will recall if you ever bring it up to them.


Milk bags are often thought of as bizarre to the rest of the world, but do you know which province in Canada you can't buy them in?

If you're looking for bags of milk in Canada, you'd have much more luck in the Eastern provinces. Alberta is with the rest of the world on the fact that they are perfectly happy buying their milk in jugs.


This mythical creature is said to live in Lake Okanagan. What is it?

You've heard of the Loch Ness Monster, but Canada's version of the creature is known as the Ogopogo. Whether you believe in the creature or not, it is always one of Canada's many mysteries.


In Canada, there's a yummy snack named after a famous Canadian animal. Do you know the name of it?

BeaverTails are not actual tails of a beaver, although that is what it sounds like. They're actually a piece of fried dough with your choice of flavor on top. The standard is cinnamon and sugar, but there are so many other options as well.


Businesses in Canada sometimes use this at the end of their website addresses. Which ending is it?

While most websites in the United States are known to finish in endings like .com or .net, in Canada, .ca is used. While it might seem like a weird or suspicious ending to the rest of the world, in Canada, it's as common as .com is.


While America has MTV, what is Canada's version of the channel?

MuchMusic is Canada's "MTV" channel which plays many of the same shows and music that the American channel plays. Headquartered in Toronto, many of the VJs have shot to fame throughout the country thanks to the channel.


Starting off as a fur trading company, this is more of a department store nowadays. Which of the following stores is it?

The Hudson's Bay Company has a long history in Canada starting back in 1600s. The Bay nowadays is a great place to go when you're looking for a good coat or even makeup and perfume.


A Mountie often comes to mind when you think of Canada, but do you know which organization they're part of?

The Mounties are part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who handle things like investigations and aid the police forces of the country. It's easy to spot a Mountie, as they're dressed in red and usually accompanied by their horses.


Going to the doctor is a little less stressful in Canada. How is it paid for?

In Canada, most health care is paid for through the taxes that each person pays. So while a trip to the doctor is free at the time, it is due to the fact that you've already paid your dues in your taxes. Some health care procedures are not covered by this, however.


Chances are that you know of a few provinces, but which of the following is a territory?

The Yukon is one of the few territories that are in Canada. Located in the Western portion of the country, one thing you may not know about it is that there is actually a desert there. In fact, despite the territory being large, the desert is very small in comparison.


These two "brothers" know all about the "Great White North." Who are they?

Bob and Doug McKenzie are Canadian icons who you might recognize even if you aren't from the country. They were played by comedians Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas on "SCTV," a Canadian comedy sketch show that saw some popularity on cable in the U.S. as well.


While Canada hasn't had quite as many national leaders as America has, who was the first Prime Minister?

John A. MacDonald was elected into office twice, but the first was notable as he was the first prime minister of the country. While he spent a large part of his life in office, he spent the end of his life in the position as well, dying while still the prime minister.


The House of Commons plays a large role in the governing of the country. Where is it?

Ottawa is home to the House of Commons, where government meetings are held. Each riding elects a member into the House on behalf of the riding where they meet and debate important issues and vote.


Canada has some talented inventors who have given the world new technologies. Which of the following is a Canadian invention?

What started as a way of communication in remote areas is now used worldwide for many different situations. Donald L. Hings was a Canadian and the mastermind behind the revolutionary walkie-talkies. Despite there being cellphone towers in many areas, walkie-talkies still get lots of use today.


Time to get tested on some more Canadian slang. What is a "hoser?"

If you recall Bob and Doug McKenzie from earlier, they have a lot to do with the term "hoser." They used it quite frequently in their sketches and in turn, it became a popular term around the country.


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