Quiz: Travel The World: 50 States Quiz
Travel The World: 50 States Quiz
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About This Quiz

From the world's first national park, to the home of NASA, the United States of America is filled with amazing things. A road trip through the 50 states is like visiting 50 different countries; each with their own cuisine, history, odd points of interest and sometimes, dark past. 

America is chock-full of amazing innovations.  Watch a baseball game while eating a chocolate chip cookie and a Reuben sandwich, and you're taking part in three oh-so-American inventions. 

Would you prefer to explore the abundant ancient cities scattered throughout the state? Visit seven-story burial mounds in the East. Are steaming geysers more your thing? There's a park for that!

Each state's journey to becoming an official member of the country was different--there were six independent republics (however short-lived) that eventually became independent states or part of neighboring states. Others were fought for in bloody wars triggered by massive land-grabs.

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about good old U.S. of A., from the obvious to the obscure. You might be surprised by what you learn!

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Which state was called "Seward's Folly" in the press when it was purchased for two cents per acre in 1867?
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Which state's native monarchy was toppled by agricultural firms, including the Dole Fruit Company?
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In which state did Juan Ponce de León accidentally end-up while searching for the legendary Fountain of Youth in 1513?
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Which state served as the end of the Trail of Tears, a federal Native American removal program that forced thousands of Cherokees to move from their ancestral lands?
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What state was the site of the famous Scopes Monkey Trial, where John Scopes was convicted of teaching evolution in a public school?
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Which state was home to the Green Mountain Boys, a group of guerilla soldiers in the Revolutionary War?
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Which state boasts both Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park?
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What future state did the Mormons settle in 1847 with the aim of establishing Zion, Kingdom of God on Earth?
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What state was the first to elect a governor of Asian descent?
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Which state is home to NASA's George C. Marshall Flight Center?
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Which two states feud over the claim to being the birthplace of powered flight?
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Where was the first English child born in America?
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What state's flower is the peach blossom?
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What state's motto is NOT in English?
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Which state does not have an official dance?
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What state features the largest conical burial mound in the United States?
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What state consumes the most beer per drinking-age adult?
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What state does NOT claim to have been the birth place of the Reuben sandwich?
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In what state was the first chocolate chip cookie invented and sold?
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In what state was the first modern baseball game played?
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In what state is self-service gasoline NOT prohibited?
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Although she famously spent her childhood living in far flung places around the United States, where was Laura Ingalls Wilder born?
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What state was NOT the site of a Japanese internment camp during World War II?
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What was the first state to issue same-sex marriage licenses, allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry?
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In what state was slavery still legal after the Emancipation Proclamation?
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What state was formed after it voted to secede from a Confederate state?
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What northern state was originally part of Massachusetts?
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What state paid $30,000 to New York to secede and form its own state?
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What state recognizes Drummer soil as the official state soil?
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Which state has had six presidents living there at the time of their elections?
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