60% of Adults Won't Be Able To Correctly Answer These Sixth Grade Word Problems!


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Sally bought a pizza with 12 slices that she planned to share with four friends. If one-quarter of the pizza is for her, how many slices does that leave her to share with her friends?  For those who answered nine slices, you're ready to take this quiz! Sixty percent of adults can't correctly answer these sixth-grade word problems. Can you prove you're a part of the 40 percent who can?

When students are in sixth grade, they're mostly dealing with an introduction to junior high school. They're also dealing with a host of subjects. There's language arts, reading and social studies. They get the chance to wind down during gym or music class. They might have the chance to choose an elective like French or Spanish. Who could forget about the classic "favorites" like science and math? While students are moving past three digit long division and mixed fractions, they're learning to apply all their math rules to word problems. Think you can handle their curriculum?

Sixth-grade math deals with mixed operations, integers, rational numbers, ratios, and more. Could you solve them when they're put into word problems? Camille made 12 cupcakes and put sprinkles on one-third of them. How many cupcakes had sprinkles? If you can answer this question, you're ready to beat the 60 percent of adults who can't answer all these questions correctly! Let's find out if you have what it takes!

From 1990 - 2001, there were 195 houses in Essex County. There are now 868 houses. How many houses were built over that 11 year period?

This is a simple subtraction problem with three digits. You'd have 868 minus 195 to get the answer of 673.


Lauren earns $10 for trimming a tree. If she trims five trees per hour for eight hours, how much money does she make at the end of the day?

If Lauren trims five trees per hour at $10 per tree, that means that she makes $50 per hour. To find out how much money she makes, you would multiply $50 by 8 hours to get a total of $400.


An organization needs 8,000 cookies for a party. If the cookies come in boxes of five, how many boxes does the organization need to buy?

In order to find out how many boxes the organization would need, you'd have to divide the total of 8,000 cookies by the number of cookies that come in a box. This would be 8,000 divided by 5 for a total of 1,600 boxes.


Rachel wants to distribute 18 books and 14 flyers to local libraries. If she wants to deliver the same combination to each office without having leftovers, what is the greatest number of libraries to which she can give the materials?

For this problem, you'd have to look at the greatest common factor of 14 and 18. Their greatest common factor is two, which means that she can go to two libraries, giving each nine books and seven flyers.


If _49 rounded to the nearest hundred is 300, what is the missing digit?

If you want to round a number to the nearest hundred, you'd have to look at the number in the tens place. Since the number is 4 and not 5 or higher, the number would have to be rounded down. This helps you decide that the missing number is 3.


Luke had 0.5 grams of salt and he used 0.1 grams to make an omelet. How much salt does Luke have left?

This is a simple subtraction problem using decimals. You'd simply subtract 0.5 - 0.1 to get the 0.4.


Rodney bought four glass vases. They weighed 32 pounds in total. What was the weight of each vase?

For this problem, it's simple division. If the vases together weighed 32 pounds, you'd have to divide by four to find the weight of each vase, which is eight pounds.


Kimberly saw six crabs in an aquarium. Two of the crabs were orange. What fraction of the crabs were orange?

If two of the crabs were orange, that gives you the fraction of 2/6. This can further be simplified to 1/3 if the fraction is divided by 2/2.


Camille made 12 cupcakes and put sprinkles on one-third of them. How many cupcakes had sprinkles?

For this question, you'd have to know what relevance one-third has as a fraction. In order to find the answer, you could take 12 and multiply it by 1/3. This would give you 12/3, which is equivalent to four. The answer is four!


Chris was conducting a science experiment where a Petri dish had 16,971 bacteria. In one week, it grew to 90,652. What is the approximate number of bacteria that grew?

For this question, you'd simply have to subtract and round. The difference if 73,681 which would round down to 70,000.


If 16 students in a class of 46 have a pet, what is the ratio of students with a pet to students without a pet?

This question is dealing with ratios. You need to include the number of students with a pet and then the number of students who don't have a pet. If there are 16 students with a pet, that means there are 30 students without one.


Cameron has a box of chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies. The box has 80 cookies. If 80 percent of them are chocolate chip, how many oatmeal cookies does Cameron have?

For this question, you'd have to use your knowledge of percentages. If 80 percent of the box has chocolate chip cookies, that means 20 percent of the box has oatmeal cookies. To find the number of oatmeal cookies, you'd have to find 20 percent of 80, which is 16.


How much does it cost to buy 10 pens if each costs $1.40?

This is a simple multiplication problem regarding decimals. You'd have to multiply $1.40 by ten pencils to get the total of $14.


Christopher has 'a' apples. He gives nine of them away. What equation represents how many apples Christopher has left?

In this equation, you'd start off with "a" apples. Christopher gives nine of them away, which means you'd subtract 9 from the number Christopher started with, which was "a."


In New Jersey, it rained 523 millimeters in March and April. If 300 millimeters of rain fell in March, how many millimeters fell in April?

This is another subtraction question. In order to find out how much it rained in April, you'd have to subtract March's amount of 300 from the total of 523. This would give you the answer that it rained 223 millimeters in April.


A bakery charges $4 for a slice of cake. If each cake is cut into eight slices, how much would the shop make by selling five cakes?

In this question, you'd first have to figure out how much one cake costs. One cake at $4 a slice would be $32. This means that five cakes would cost 5 x $32 which is equal to $160.


If it takes 400 pounds of steel to make one steel beam, how many beams can be made from 6,400 pounds of steel?

To find the answer for this question, you'd have to divide 6,400 by 400 to get that you could build 16 steel beams from 6,400 pounds of steel.


Michael found gift bags in packs of two and bows in packs of 11. If he wants to buy the same number of gift bags and bows, what's the smallest number of gift bags he can buy?

For this question, you'd need to find the least common multiple between the two numbers. Their least common multiple is 22, which means Michael would need 11 gift bag packs for 22 bags and two packs of bows.


Which digit makes the statement true?%0D7_1,798 rounded to the nearest hundred thousand is 800,000.

If you want to round, you have to look at the placeholder prior to the one for which you're rounding. If you are rounding to the nearest hundred thousand, you have to look at the ten thousand place. When the factor is four or smaller, you round down. If it is five or higher, you round up, making this answer 5.


Alice's school bought 16.9 pounds of paper and 3.2 pounds of pencils. How many pounds of material did they buy?

For this question, all you'd have to do is add the decimals together for a total of 20.1 pounds of material purchased.


Rachel's class weighed four of the same encyclopedia for a combined weight of 0.20 kilograms. How much does one encyclopedia weigh?

For this question, you're dealing with dividing decimals by whole numbers. To find this solution, you would divide 0.20 by 4 which would give you that each encyclopedia weighs 0.05 kgs.


Mary's mom made eight pieces of toast. If she put butter on four of them, what fraction of the toast had butter?

For this problem, you'd need to take the information and turn it into a fraction. Four out of eight of the pieces had toast which gives you 4/8. This can further be simplified to 1/2 by dividing the fraction by 2/2.


At the clothing store, 1/6 of the clothes are white while 1/2 of them are black. What fraction of the clothes are black or white?

In order to find this answer, you'd have to add the fraction together and for that to happen, they need the same denominator. While 1/6 can stay the same, 1/2 has to be changed so that the denominator is 6. This makes the new fraction 3/6. This can now be added to 1/6 to give you 4/6. This fraction can be simplified down to 2/3.


One-third of the plates in the cupboard are white. There are 27 plates in the cupboard. How many of the plates are white?

For this question, you'd have to find 1/3 of 27. In order to do this, you would multiply 27 by 1/3. This would give you 9 so there are 9 white plates in the cupboard.


A plumber built a sewage system with 521 pipes. If 206 of the pipes are metal, approximately how many of them are plastic?

For this question, you'd have to subtract and then round. The exact difference is 315, which means there are approximately 300 plastic pipes.


The 6th-grade class had the choice to go to an aquarium or an amusement park. Six students chose to go to the aquarium while 16 went to the amusement park. What's the ratio of the number of students who went to the amusement park to the number of students who went to the aquarium?

Watch the order of the question! You are asked about the kids who went to the amusement park first which means this number needs to come first in the ratio. Since 16 students went to the amusement park and six went to the aquarium, the proper ratio is 16:6.


Kristen took a science quiz yesterday. There were 50 problems on the quiz. She got 80 percent of them right. How many problems did she get correct?

To find this answer, you'd have to find 80 percent of 50. Ten percent of 50 is 5 so to find 80 percent, you'd have to multiply 5 by 8 to get the answer of 40.


If a wooden table costs $50, how much would six wooden tables cost?

For this problem, all you'd have to do is multiply the numbers by each other. six wooden tables at $50 a table is equal to $300.


Susan has 14 books in her room. If she buys "b" more at a bookstore, what equation shows​ how many she now has?

For this question, Susan starts off with 14 books. If she buys 'b" more books, this has to be added to the expression to show how many books she bought. This makes the answer 14 + b.


Cameron got a job working as a dishwasher at Cheesecake Factory. On Saturday, he had to wash 125 plates. Seventy-one of them were large plates while the rest were small. How many small plates did Cameron wash on Saturday?

This is a subtraction question. If he washed a total of 125 plates and 71 of them were large plates, that means the remaining plates were small. In order to find the number, you would subtract 71 from 125 to get 54 small plates.


Monica's mom has to cross a bridge twice every day. It costs $4 for each trip. How much money does Monica's mom spend on the bridge from Monday to Friday?

Monica's mother has to pay $8 for the bridge every day. You would take this and multiply it by five days -- Monday to Friday -- to get an answer of $40.


Barnes & Noble needs to ship 50,000 books to its NYC store. If each box can hold 100 books, how many boxes does Barnes & Noble need?

For this problem, you'd have to divide. Take the total of 50,000 books that need to be shipped and divide it by the 100 books that can fit in each box. This would give you the answer of 500.


Sylvia wants to create snack bags. She has 15 cookies and five apples. To make sure the snack bags are identical without any food left over, what's the greatest number of snack bags Sylvia can make?

For this question, you'd need the greatest common factor between 5 and 15. That number is 5. This means she could make five snack bags, each with one apple and three cookies inside.


Victoria went to a fabric store and bought six sheets of fabric. The total length of the fabric was 72 feet. How long was each piece of fabric?

This would be a simple division problem. If all the fabric measured 72 inches, you'd have to divide by 6 to find out how long each piece of fabric was. This would give you 12 inches, which is also equivalent to one foot.


At the Girl Scout cookie booth, 1/4 of the customers bought Thin Mints. If the booth had 128 customers, how many of them bought Thin Mints?

In order to find this answer, you'd have to take the 128 customers and multiply that number by 1/4. This would give you the answer that 32 of the customers bought Thin Mints.


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