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This decade saw the introduction of some of the most famous (and scary) movies ever released by Hollywood. How much do you know about '80s horror movies? Take this quiz to find out.

How many movies in the "Friday the 13th" franchise were released in the 1980s?

That's right, eight movies, nearly one per year, as Hollywood did its best to capitalize on a psychopath wearing a hockey mask.


Which film's violence sparked changes to the Motion Picture Association of America's rating system?

"Gremlins" was too violent for its PG rating. The MPAA created the PG-13 rating to prevent another generation from the emotional trauma of watching cute, furry creatures turn into bloodthirsty demons.


Who starred in 1980's "The Shining," a film adaptation of the Stephen King book?

Nicholson continued a trend of playing unhinged characters, this time a possessed writer named Jack Torrance.


What role did famed director Steven Spielberg have in the creation of "Poltergeist"?

He wrote and produced the movie. Another famous Hollywood man, Tobe Hooper, did the directing.


Drew Barrymore made her feature film debut in which '80s horror flick?

"Altered States" was no slasher — Barrymore and the rest of the cast explored the dark side of psychoactive drugs and lab experiments and how they affect the human mind.


Which horror film did Sam Raimi write and direct?

"The Evil Dead" creator also directed "Darkman," as well as three Spider-Man movies.


How many "Puppet Master" movies followed the original, which was released in 1989?

Most of the nine sequels went directly to video and have gained a large cult following.


In "Gremlins," what substance caused adorable "mogwais" to turn into terrifying, angry monsters?

A splash of water causes the mogwais to replicate; some of them turn out to be violently aggressive.


How does a devastated father bring his son back to life in "Pet Sematary"?

The cemetery reanimates his young son, but his son's gentle soul has been replaced by pure evil.


How many "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movies were released in the '80s?

Five "Elm Street" movies helped to cement Freddy Krueger as one of the ironic villains of the '80s.


Which city is the focal point of "City of the Living Dead"?

A seance gone wrong marks the beginning of scary supernatural events in New York City.


"Halloween II" was released in 1981, how many years after the first "Halloween" movie?

The original "Halloween" was released in 1978, three years before the sequel.


In which movie does one of the primary characters proclaim "they're here"?

The eerie scene in which Carol Anne says "they're here" has become one of the most iconic lines from horror movies.


In which of the "Friday the 13th" movies does psychopath Jason wind up at the bottom of a lake?

In "Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI," Jason is tied to a boulder and sunk into a lake. But don't worry — he'll be back.


True or false: "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" is based on a true story.

It is loosely based on two real-life killers, but it is a mishmash of ideas, not a true story.


"The Revenge of Michael Myers" is the subtitle for which "Halloween" movie?

A whopping four "Halloween" movies were released in the 1980s, including "Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers."


"Critters" endured script changes so that it wouldn't seem to be a knockoff of what other Hollywood production?

"Critters" creators insisted that their script existed long before "Gremlins," but they still tweaked "Critters" to avoid accusations of copying the more famous film.


Which franchise has earned the most money at the box office?

With more than $460 million in box office earnings, "Friday the 13th" just edges out "A Nightmare on Elm Street."


In which state was the story of "Poltergeist" set?

Set in California, it portrays evil spirits that abscond with a terrified family's youngest daughter.


How does Kevin Dillon's character kill the monster in "The Blob"?

Liquid nitrogen sprays all over the Blob, causing it to freeze and shatter into countless Blob pieces.


Which movie was directed by John Carpenter?

Carpenter's "The Thing" effectively blended horror with science fiction and convinced many people that Antarctica was better left uninhabited.


In which '80s movie did horror writer Stephen King make his film acting debut?

King appeared in "Creepshow," alongside other notable talent such as Ted Danson and Leslie Nielsen.


Evil beings called Cenobites appear in which '80s film?

The Cenobites are extradimensional weirdos who appear in all nine "Hellraiser" films.


Angela Lansbury stars in which '80s horror movie?

In "The Company of Wolves," Lansbury is a kindly grandmother who is murdered by a werewolf.


Which actor plays the lead role in 1983's "The Dead Zone"?

Walken plays Johnny Smith, a man who awakens from a coma with weird psychic abilities that land him in strange and unnerving situations.


What sort of monsters plague Earth in 1987's "The Gate"?

A hole in the backyard turns into a gate that demons use to invade and wreak havoc across the land.


Which of the following actors did NOT appear in "The Lost Boys"?

Swayze might not have appeared, but "The Lost Boys" was packed with big names such as Corey Haim, Jami Gertz and Alex Winter.


How does the creature named "Pumpkinhead" come into existence?

The witch says that a corpse, combined with a splash of blood, will avenge the death of the father's son.


Which film had the tagline "Be afraid. Be very afraid"?

"The Fly" was certainly scary enough to scare people into the theater; it was director David Cronenberg's most successful box office hit.


Werewolves are the antagonists in which movie?

"The Howling" was so successful that it spawned seven sequels.


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