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There's no stopping the flood of '80s movies coming back to theaters. See how much you know about '80s movies and their resurrected versions with this quiz.

This 1987 movie about a Detroit cop who's rebuilt into a cyborg by an evil corporation was remade in 2014, giving the title character sinister black armor.

The remake of "Robocop" kept some of the original's anti-corporate dystopian bite.


This 1983 comedy about a family's chaotic trip to an amusement park was resurrected in 2015 as a generational sequel, with the son from the first film re-enacting the original journey with his own family.

"Vacation" depicts a trip to Walley World (the 2015 version dropped National Lampoon from the title).


Animated clown dolls, an evil tree and a little girl seemingly trapped in a television all show up in the 2015 remake of this 1982 ghost story.

The lesson to be learned from all the "Poltergeist" movies is: Don’t build your house on a cemetery. Next to a cemetery is probably fine though.


The 1984 version of this movie depicted high school students fending off a Russian force invading the U.S. For the 2012 remake, the enemies were North Koreans.

The original "Red Dawn" is a particularly dark and nihilistic action movie, considering the main characters are high school students. Wolverines!


Filmmakers have had two chances to make a movie based on this Scott Spencer novel about romance that builds into obsession. Neither the 1981 original starring Brooke Shields nor the 2014 remake were very successful.

Spencer disliked the 1981 version of "Endless Love" and felt the remake was somehow even worse.


This horror series launched in 1980, originally about a vengeful mother. The 2009 reboot focused on her more notorious hockey-masked son.

The "Friday the 13th" reboot wasn't much admired by horror fans — as of 2016, no further sequels have been made, although a TV series is planned.


This '80s icon was a TV series about fashionable cops battling South Florida drug lords. The 2004 film version starred Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx.

Crockett and Tubbs, cigarette boats and expensive suits are all part of the "Miami Vice" image.


This 1986 movie about a relationship that develops between two young professionals after a one-night stand is based on a play by David Mamet. The 2014 remake featured primarily black actors and was also a critical and financial success.

The original title was written "About Last Night …" The remake was ellipseless.


In the 2011 remake of this 1985 horror movie, Colin Farrell played the neighborly vampire originally portrayed by Chris Sarandon.

The "Fright Night" remake also featured David Tennant as a stage magician in place of Roddy McDowell's horror host character.


This series about time traveling robots from an apocalyptic future was launched in 1984 and has had numerous sequels, plus a TV series. Neither the 2009 nor 2015 sequel earned much critical praise.

None of the recent sequels have lived up to the original, "The Terminator," or the first sequel, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day."


This 2010 movie about veterans trying to clear their names after being framed was based on the '80s TV series that made Mr. T famous.

I pity the fool that doesn’t know this is "The A-Team."


This 1987 movie about a nerd who pays a popular girl to pretend she's his girlfriend shares a name with a Beatles song. The 2003 remake unusually has a completely different title.

The remake of "Can't Buy Me Love" is titled "Love Don't Cost a Thing."


A popular band shares a name with this 1981 holiday-themed slasher flick. The 2009 remake was filmed in 3-D.

The band "My Bloody Valentine" claims its name is purely a coincidence.


In 2010, this horror classic was remade with Jackie Earle Haley as the lead villain. They got the claws right.

Wes Craven's "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is a masterful look at teenage anxiety and mistrust of authority.


In 1981, Dudley Moore played a rich wastrel who gives up his fortune to marry the woman he loves. Russell Brand took on the role in the 2011 remake.

Did the world need an "Arthur" remake? We got one anyway.


This visually distinctive 1982 film about people trapped in a malevolent computer program got a 2010 sequel that brought back key members of the original cast.

Both Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner returned for "Tron: Legacy."


All three movies in this pulp adventure trilogy were released in the 1980s. The 2008 sequel, about a crystal skull, is not as beloved.

"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" was the fourth Indiana Jones movie.


This 1984 movie about a teen who moves to a town where dancing is illegal is a key link in any Kevin Bacon chain of connections. Did you know they remade it in 2011?

"Everybody cut 'Footloose.'"


Special effects legend Ray Harryhausen did the stop-motion animation for this 1981 mythological epic adventure. The 2010 remake used computers instead.

Both versions of "Clash of the Titans" are very, very loosely based on actual Greek mythology.


The first film in this martial arts series was released in 1984 and made Ralph Macchio a teenage superstar. Jaden Smith starred in the 2010 remake.

If you guessed "The Karate Kid," you win a free crane kick!


First it was a Japanese toy line, then a U.S. animated series that led to an animated movie in the '80s. A series of bombastic live-action movies came decades later and made Michael Bay a gajillion dollars.

People of a certain age remember all too well the heartbreak of Optimus Prime's death in "The Transformers: The Movie."


This '80s horror-comedy franchise gave the world a catchy theme song and classic lines like "Don't cross the streams!" The 2016 reboot features women as the four primary cast members.

Who ya gonna call? "Ghostbusters"!


Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in 1982 and 1984 movies about this sullen warrior, based on the works of Robert E. Howard. Jason Momoa took over the role for a 2010 film.

"Conan the Barbarian" was an important rung on Schwarzenegger's ladder to superstardom.


It was quite possibly the first "cabin in the woods assaulted by a supernatural force" movie when it came out in 1981. The 2013 reboot/semisequel was possibly even more horrific than the original, and a 2015 TV series carries on the original storyline.

The "Evil Dead" franchise has been disturbing and terrifying, campy, action-packed and then horrifying again.


Since this action movie masterpiece came out in 1988, sequels have come out on "A Good Day" and "With a Vengeance." Now all the sequels in the franchise "Live Free."

If watching "Die Hard" isn't a holiday tradition for your family, it should be.


Three sequels followed this 1987 Mel Gibson action flick about a suicidal cop and his partner, but no movies in this franchise have come out in the 21st century.

There was talk of a fifth "Lethal Weapon" movie, but both Gibson and Danny Glover reportedly said, "I'm getting too old for this $%#&."


A 2008 sequel brought bullet-spraying veteran John Rambo back to the screen. What is the name of the first movie in the series, which, though still an action movie, is a much more sober reflection on the struggles of returning Vietnam veterans than the Rambo series later became?

Although the Rambo movies practically became parodies of action movies, "First Blood" is a grim, conflicted film.


This 1987 sci-fi action movie about an alien big-game hunter stalking U.S. soldiers became a long-running franchise. It was resurrected in the 2000s by pitting the hunters against another race of lethal aliens, with humans caught in the crossfire.

In 2004 and 2007, the alien hunters from "Predator" faced off against the aliens from "Alien."


In this 1981 sci-fi movie, Snake Plissken is trapped in Manhattan, New York, which has been converted into a giant prison. A 1990s sequel moved the action to Los Angeles, and a remake has been trapped in Hollywood development hell for years.

While no "Escape from New York" remake is in sight, "The Purge: Anarchy" is a worthy spiritual successor.


Although the first installment of this horror series came out in 1978, several of its sequels arrived in the 1980s. Rock star Rob Zombie directed a reboot and a sequel to the reboot in 2007 and 2009.

Rob Zombie's version of "Halloween" delved into murderer Michael Myers' psychological origins to a greater extent than the original John Carpenter film.


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