Quiz: 90% of people can't name these popular U.S. monuments from their image. Can you?
90% of people can't name these popular U.S. monuments from their image. Can you?
By: Narra Jackson
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

We're going to the Washington Memorial and the Lincoln Monument! If that sounds wrong, it's because it is! While most people like you would instantly recognize that wrong statement, could you point out the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial?

Are you caught up in your own state? If you live in larger states like New York and California, you might be too busy traveling to Central Park or Hollywood, respectively. Even living in a smaller state, you might find yourself visiting nearby towns, but have you ventured out?

With over a 120 monuments located in the United States, there's a big probability that you haven't visited most of them, but you could probably recognize them! 

Of course, a statue of Abraham Lincoln might give you an idea of the monument, but what about the World War II Memorial? You might be able to recognize the four sculptures of president's heads, but can you name it?

There are countless numbers of historical sites in the United States, but have you stepped out long enough to see them? Sure, you've heard of Fort Sumter, but what does it look like? You might've learned about sequoias, but could you pick the giant sequoia, the world's largest tree, out of a lineup?

84% of people haven't explored the United States, but we have a feeling that you have. Are you ready to prove it? Let's travel!

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