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"We were on a break!" Okay, we get it. They were on a break, or were they? If you can name this popular TV couple, chances are you're not among the of 85% of people who can't match these TV couples.

While we all love a hilarious comedy, what would a TV show be without a bit of romance? Love isn't a secondhand emotion for these couples! Traveling back to the '50s, we'd catch ambitious Lucy with a taste for stardom and her singing husband Ricky. You might also see bus driver Ralph promising to send his wife to the moon!

Traveling forward in time, you could be watching George and Weezy moving on up to the East Side or Mike and Carol blending their families. Growing up in the '90s might've caused you to cheer on Cory and Topanga, while a love for all things musical led you to Kurt and Blaine in the 2000s.

With all these couples over the decades, we've been left with high school sweethearts, break-ups, make-ups and marriages. It was such a roller coaster of emotions that sometimes you might've felt like you were in the relationship with them. After witnessing these relationships, do you think you can remember them all? Can you pick out some of the most iconic couples to have ever been on screen?  Let's find out if you've got the the chops to pass this quiz! 

Who is this famous TV couple?

Monica Geller is one of the six main characters in "Friends," and is known as the mother hen. Her friends often meet at her apartment in Greenwich Village, which is located right across from Chandler's. They started out as friends and eventually it grew into the most stable relationship on the series.

Who are these two love birds?

"I Dream of Jeannie" features a female genie named Jeannie, who gets rescued by a U.S. astronaut, Major Nelson. She isn't a traditional genie because she uses her magic all the time, which sometimes causes problems.

Who are these two tragic lovers?

"Grey's Anatomy" takes place in a hospital in Seattle, WA. Meredith is the daughter of a famous surgeon and falls in love with Derek Christopher Shepherd, M.D.

What are the names of these small screen lovebirds?

Carrie and her friends nicknamed her boyfriend (and later husband) "Mr. Big" due to his live-large lifestyle. Later in the show, viewers learn that his real name is John.

What are the names of these two characters?

Fred Savage plays Kevin in "The Wonder Years." Kevin works at a Chinese take-out restaurant and dates Winnie, played by Danica McKellar in the TV series.

Who is this famous pair?

Ross and Rachel's relationship began before the time in which "Friends" takes place, when Ross had a thing for Rachel when they were in high school and college.Years later they were in a relationship and famously went on a "break" (or did they?) and eventually had a daughter together named Emma.

Can you name this funny duo?

Roseanne Barr plays Roseanne in her eponymous comedy TV show. In the show, she and Dan (played by John Goodman) have four kids, daughters Darlene and Becky Conner, and sons D.J. Conner and Jerry Garcia Conner.

Who is this beloved couple?

On the show "I Love Lucy," Lucy famously drives Ricky crazy with her antics but in the end they always find a way to work it out. They later have a baby named little Ricky.

Who are the characters in this relationship?

Harriette and Carl live in Chicago, Illinois. Carl is a police officer and the father on "Family Matters" and Harriette is the maternal voice of reason on the series.

This iconic TV couple includes who?

Cliff and Clair Huxtable are a couple with five children who live in Brooklyn Heights. Cliff is an obstetrician and Clair is a lawyer; the TV series shows them guiding their children's lives together and working on having a healthy relationship themselves.

These young sweethearts are named what?

"Boy Meets World" follows the life of Cory, beginning when he is in sixth grade and continuing through his college years. Throughout that time we watch their relationship evolve from young friends to a young, married couple.

This beloved married couple include who?

"The Jeffersons" was telecast from 1975-1985 as a spin-off of "All in the Family." George and Louise were the neighbors of Archie and Edith in "All in the Family," and begin their own show when they "move up" in the world by moving into a high-rise apartment.

Who are these high school sweethearts?

"Saved by the Bell" first aired in 1989, telling the story of the lives of Bayside High School students. Zack is the leader of his friends and Kelly is the popular cheerleader so their union almost feels inevitable.

Who is this married TV couple?

Marshall and Lily dated for a long time before they got married. Their nicknames are Marshmallow and Lilypad, and throughout the series they go through ups and downs but find a way to persevere with their relationship intact.

Can you name this famous fictional couple?

Angel is a vampire slayer who was formerly known as Angelus, and he is over 200 years old. Buffy and Angel meet at school, where Buffy senses that he is a good vampire.

Who are these characters?

The relationship between Tara and Willow on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" was the first recurring depiction of a lesbian couple on a prime time network series television in the US.

Can you identify this fierce duo?

Lucious is the CEO of Empire Entertainment and a hip-hop artist on the show "Empire." Cookie and Lucious get divorced while Cookie is in jail for dealing drugs.

Who are the people in this unlikely pair?

Joshua Jackson played Pacey and Katie Holmes played Joey in the show "Dawson's Creek." Pacey and Joey start off as friends and later become lovers, much to Dawson's dismay.

Who are these characters who fell in love?

"Glee" is a series about a high school glee club called New Directions. Blaine and Kurt, affectionately known as Klaine among fans, break up and make up and eventually marry in a double ceremony with Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez.

These two college lovebirds are who?

"Gilmore Girls" follows the lives of single mom, Lorelei, and her daughter, Rory. It takes place in a small town in Connecticut, where Lorelei runs a bed and breakfast. Logan is Rory's college boyfriend and they have a passionate though unstable relationship.

Who are the two characters seen in the photo?

"The League," which aired from 2009-2015, is about a group of friends who are obsessed with fantasy football. Kevin and Jenny are a married couple who have a daughter together.

Who are the two that make up this tumultuous marriage?

Yunjin Kim and Daniel Dae Kim play Sun and Jin on ABC's "Lost." They played a couple with marital problems and experience a language barrier with the other characters who only spoke English.

What are these characters' names?

Al Bundy's character is a women's shoe salesman, disappointed with his life and family and Peggy is a stay-at-home mom who doesn't like to do much.

Who are the two people in this couple?

Dre's character is portrayed as a family man in the ABC series "Blackish." He and his family live in a white upper-middle-class neighborhood, and the show follows their struggles and how they overcome their differences.

Can you identify this married TV couple?

"Fresh off the Boat" started in 2015 and is about immigrants who come to America. Louis' family is Taiwanese and immigrated to America in the 1990s. Jessica is his wife, played by Constance Wu and she struggles with adjusting to life after moving Chinatown of Washington, DC to Orlando, Florida where there isn't a large Asian population.

Who is this famous reality TV couple?

"The Hills," an MTV series that starred Lauren Conrad and ran from 2006 to 2010. It shows Lauren's life as she graduates from high school and interns at "Teen Vogue" and among her best friends at the time was Heidi but all that changed when she met Spencer. Though her friendship with Lauren is over, Heidi and Spencer are going strong and just welcomed a son, Gunner, in 2017.

Who are these two love birds?

Lorelei was played by Lauren Graham, and Luke, her close friend, was played by Scott Patterson on the show "Gilmore Girls." Luke owns a diner in the small town where Lorelei and her daughter Rory live and their friendship began when she frequented his shop and he supplied her with all the coffee her heart desired.

The two famous nerds in this relationship are?

On the series, "Parks and Recreation," Amy Poehler played Leslie Knope who works for the Parks and Recreation Department in Pawnee, Indiana. Her husband and former campaign manager, Ben, is played by Adam Scott. Their relationship encouraged them to embrace their quirks and nerdy sides and they helped support each other in their professional pursuits.

The dapper duo seen in this photo is?

Lady Mary is known to be the snobbiest of the three sisters in Masterpiece's "Downton Abbey." She rejected Matthew's first marriage proposal because she did not want to marry "beneath" her rank since he didn't have a lot of money.

What are the names of these two characters?

Luke Perry plays Dylan in "Beverly Hills, 90210." He dates several women throughout the series but his relationship with his high school sweetheart, Brenda, is the most iconic of the series. Their relationship was the classic bad boy meets good girl dynamic though as the show progressed it was Dylan's kind heart that shone through and kept their relationship going for as long as it did.

Who is this famous pair?

"The Mindy Project" follows the life of Dr.Mindy Lahiri, played by show creator Mindy Kaling, as she tries to get her life on track. Danny Castellano is her best friend turned lover whose religious views can sometimes create conflict.

The names of the characters in the photo are?

The debut of "Beverly Hills, 90210" was in 1990 and it continued to be telecast for ten more years. Tori Spelling, who played Donna, stayed on the show for all of the ten years and her relationship with David included long breaks in between before they officially married at the end of the series.

What are these characters' names?

Gina Rodriguez plays Jane in "Jane the Virgin." The series is inspired by telenovelas, soap operas in Latin America, and it includes her getting accidentally artificially inseminated with her boss's baby and then falling in love with a cop named Michael Cordero.

The compatible characters in this relationship are?

"Jessica Jones" is an action/drama/crime show that began airing in 2015. Jessica, a former superhero, decides to be a private investigator and though she and Luke form a strong bond it doesn't last in the series (as opposed to their relationship in the Marvel comics).

Who is this married TV couple?

Will lives with his Uncle Will and Aunt Viv in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." According to the theme song, his mom got scared when he got into a fight and sent him to live with his aunt and uncle who lived in a rich and safe neighborhood.

Who is this couple that found love in a hopeless place?

Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene are two characters in "The Walking Dead" TV show, video game and comic books. Glenn is played by Steven Yeun and Maggie is played by Lauren Cohan in the TV series.

Who are the people in this unlikely pair?

"Family Matters" was a TV series from 1989-1998 that was a spin-off of "Perfect Strangers." Urkel was originally intended to be in only one episode, but since he was an immediate hit, he was kept on the show. Stefan Urquelle is Urkel's sexy alter ego after Urkel develops a "coolness" elixir that eliminates his nerdy genes and leads Laura to fall in love with him.

Who are these characters that make this famous TV couple?

Carrie and Aidan are one of the most famous couples to come out of the show "Sex and the City." While he's originally not exactly her type, after they breakup he revamps his style and they give their relationship another shot. Eventually he proposes and though she originally says yes, she can't go through with the marriage and they break up.

Who are these characters who fell in love?

"Felicity" starts out with the main character, Felicity as a shy and sheltered girl who just graduated from high school. She follows Ben, her high school crush, to college in New York where she meets RA Noel Crane.

Who are these high school sweethearts?

In "My So-Called Life", Angela Chase, played by Claire Danes, tells of the trials of being a teenager in high school. Many of the episodes are based on her having a crush on Jordan Jordan Catalano played by Jared Leto.

Can you name these two quirky TV lovebirds?

"New Girl" starring Zooey Deschanel as a quirky and overly optimistic teacher named Jess features the love story of her best friend Cece (played by Hannah Simone) and her roommate, Schmidt (played by Max Greenfield). Though they clash at times, their love is portrayed as two opposites finding a connection and eventually getting married.

The TV duo pictured here is ?

"Moonlighting" was a comedy show that aired from 1985 to 1989 about Maddie, a former model played by Cybill Shepherd. She gets together with David, a detective played by Bruce Willis, who manages a detective agency.

Who is this young, married duo?

Santana is played by Naya Rivera and Brittany is played by Heather Morris in the series "Glee." In addition to being in the New Directions show choir, they are also both cheerleaders, a.k.a. "Cheerios."

Can you name this famous young couple?

"The O.C." was an American drama series that aired on FOX. It's a modern soap opera that takes place in Southern California and starred Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper and Benjamin McKenzie as Ryan Atwood. She was a good but privileged girl who engaged in risky behavior which caused tension in her on-again, off-again relationship with Ryan.

Who are these reluctant lovers?

Charlotte York Goldenblatt is known as the high-strung one in her group of friends on "Sex and the City." She gets together with her divorce lawyer Harry after divorcing her first husband, Trey.

Who are the two characters seen in the photo?

Seth is one of the four main characters of "The O.C.," played by Adam Brody. Summer is played by Rachel Bilson, and the two characters get married in the season finale.

Can you identify this famous small-town couple?

Tami Taylor is played by Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler plays Coach Eric Taylor, their marriage is considered one of the most solid in TV history. They both are leaders in their small-town community as guidance counselor and football coach, respectively.

Who are the characters in this relationship?

The debut of "Catastrophe," a British sitcom, was in 2015. Sharon and Rob meet while on a trip to London, and soon after Sharon is pregnant.

Who are the two people in this beloved TV couple?

"The Office" is also a British sitcom; the American one was produced from 2005-2013. Jim, played by John Krasinski, starts out as a paper salesman at the office and Pam, played by Jenna Fischer, is the secretary. They start off as friends and she's engaged to someone else but then she breaks it off and begins a relationship with Jim. They eventually marry and have two kids, Cece and Phillip.

The image of this TV couple features?

Becky, played by Lori Loughlin, was Danny Tanner's co-worker on "Full House" and it was practyically love at first sight when she met Danny's brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis played by John Stamos. They eventually marry and have twin boys named Nicky and Alex.

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