Quiz: Only 5 out of 37 people can identify these Star Wars movies from just one image! Can you?
Only 5 out of 37 people can identify these Star Wars movies from just one image! Can you?
By: J. Scott Wilson

About This Quiz

The moment that theater-goers watched as Darth Vader sliced Luke Skywalker's hand off and announce that he was, in fact, young Skywalker's father is considered one of the greatest moments in movie history. Put aside just the growing franchise for a moment; we are talking MOVIE HISTORY! And that's not where it ends. From the first moment, you saw Darth Vader enter a transport ship to apprehend Leia, to Luke and Leia's unforgettable kiss. Not that it was passionate, only that you'd soon find out they were brother and sister. 

The battle of Hoth, the battle of Endor, and of course, Luke's training. Do you remember the Death Star exploding? Well, fans of the series will then appreciate the latest release of "Star Wars" movies especially "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" which brings fans of the franchise right back to the franchise opening scene that enthralled decades of fanatics. 

We know the force is with you, that's how you came to this quiz. Now, it's time to use the force to identify these captured screenshots and the movie they go with. We're not going to lie. The Empire is out there, and you'll have to get out of some sticky spots. But you've always been a rebel and never shied away from a challenge. So, let's shoot this quiz away young Jedi. 

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