Quiz: 87% of People Can't Identify Which Sport Each of These Athletes Is Famous For! Can You?
87% of People Can't Identify Which Sport Each of These Athletes Is Famous For! Can You?
By: Jody Mabry
Image: Wiki Commons/JudeMaris Via YouTube/Team USA Via YouTube

About This Quiz

Haven't you always wanted to be a world-class athlete? Or, are you a fan who is happy with collecting cards, memorabilia or just cheering on your favorite team and athlete. Whichever it is, we're pretty sure you can name your own team's players. But, how well will you do with professional athletes from around the world?

While some players like Deion Sanders were multi-sport players, they were most known for a specific sport. And then, of course, there were players like Michael Jordan who excelled at one sport and gave a shot at another - with lesser results. Other athletes had the skills to "go pro" in nearly any sport they wished but opted for that big prize of an Olympic medal. 

This quiz is all about identifying the world's greatest athletes past and present from an image and trying to identify which sport they played. Some of these players you won't have a problem with, and others... Well, it looks like you'll just have to take this quiz to prove how well you really know your sports. Can a football fan identify tennis players? Can a golfer figure out hockey players? And what about those obscure sports such as skateboarding and biking?

You might think this quiz is a sprint, but really it's more of a marathon. 

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