90s Kids: Can You Name All of These Nostalgic Items From Your Generation?

By: Jody Mabry
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The '90s were a special time for Americans, as they recognized the nostalgia of past decades along with a full swing into what would become one of the biggest booming economies the world had ever seen. It also marked one of the longest non-war stretches America has ever had. But you were there, you know all about ... the fashion, television shows, and this new thing called, oh what was it? Reality TV.

The '90s adapted the style of past generations and set up the 2000s to succeed in unimaginable ways, although you are still waiting for that hoverboard to come around. But, hey! At least the Cubbies did eventually win the World Series. Putting your "Back to the Future" knowledge aside, you really want to go in heavy about toys like Skip-it and Pogo. Or, maybe you were an action figure kid and couldn't think of anything better than an X-Men duel or prepping He-Man for a clash with Skeletor. 

Not into toys? How about movies? Could you identify "Ten Things I Hate About You" or "Pulp Fiction" from a single screenshot? How about "Roseanne," "Friends," or "Seinfeld?"

You don't have to be from the '90s to feel the nostalgia flowing through your veins with this quiz. So, slip into your moon shoes and see how many of these '90s items you can identify from an image!

Made popular by Nickelodeon, Moon Shoes strap over your own shoes, letting you feel like you're walking in an anti-gravity environment. Billed as mini trampolines for your feet, Moon Shoes have built-in springs, allowing you to bounce around to your heart's content!

The original concept for Seinfeld wasn’t for an ongoing series, but a one-off, 90-minute special titled Stand Up that was set to run for one night only in Saturday Night Live’s time slot.

Every cool kid had sticky hands - brightly colored hands on sticky strings that stretched to pick up small, light objects.

While there isn’t an actual Central Perk in New York City, the fictional café from Friends has inspired some real ones. In 2010, Friends fan Du Xin opened a Central Perk replica in downtown Beijing, which became extremely popular.

Being a Quentin Taratino movie, this film is chalk full of profanity. But more specifically the characters in this film say the F bomb like it's going out of style! All in all the film contains 265 F words. Believe it or not, this motion picture doesn't take the title home for most said F words, that belongs to another Taratino film called "Reservoir Dogs" with a mind boggling 269 F words said throughout the film!

This fun toy, which is basically a ball on a string, would encourage kids to get coordinated - or have cracked ankle bones!

Future Friends star Lisa Kudrow originally won the role of Frasier’s producer, Roz Doyle. But during the third day of rehearsals prior to filming the pilot, the producers realized that while Kudrow was certainly funny enough, she just wasn’t forceful enough to match Grammer when he went all out.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles worked together to stop evil Shredder. Over a shared love of pizza, the Ninja Turtles would stop at nothing to beat their enemies!

The films writers, Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, didn't create the script in a traditional way. Instead of a detailed script, the writing duo decided it was best to have an outline, to be exact a 35 paged outline. By leaving it as an outline, it allowed the dialogue between the characters to be improvised and as a result make the storyline feel more real for the audience.

A firm favorite through the '90s, Polly Pocket came with hundreds of accessories and different play sets. Multiple dolls were also available.

The original idea for Home Improvement came from Tim Allen and was titled Hammer Time. Frances Fisher, who is better known for her dramatic work on the stage and in films like Unforgiven and Titanic, was originally cast as Tim's wife, Jill.

The '90s Furby was one of the first interactive toys that "learned" from users. It started out speaking "Furbish," but soon learned to respond with English phrases.

When Roseanne ended in 1997, ABC considered a sequel to the main character’s life as a widow. It never materialized, but Barr has since had a talk show, a reality series, and a few sitcoms in the works.

"American Beauty" was inspired by the story of Amy Fisher and Joe Buttafuoco's affair which made headlines in the early 1990's. At 17 years old, Amy Fisher became know as "Long Island Lolita" after shooting her lover's wife, Mary Jo Buttafuoco, in the face. Fisher ended up serving over 6 years for her crime while on the other hand Joe Buttafuoco only spent a handful of months in jail for statutory rape (since Amy had only been 17 at the time of their affair).

Hugely collectible, Beanie Babies came in all manner of creatures including bears, cats and dogs. The stuffing wasn't really beans, of course.

These squeezable balls were a firm favorite, due to their unique texture and bright colors.

The budget in the early days of Married with Children was so small that when Buck the dog went on a credit card shopping spree, the big items he purchased were brought in from the homes of the show's cast and crew. It wasn’t until season three that Katey Sagal got to wear a wig.

When 20th Century Fox originally started casting for this memorable film, they had pushed for Tom Cruise to play the role of Jack Dawson. But the film's director, James Cameron was insistent on casting Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack instead. Can you imagine the film without young Leo?!

The breast cancer plot of Murphy Brown resulted in something bigger than just good ratings: The number of American women who got mammograms increased by 30 percent.

Tickle Me Elmo is a replica of the adorable fuzzy character from Sesame Street. He laughs when you tickle him!

Though it wasn’t an immediate ratings bonanza, The Wonder Years was a critical smash from the get-go. On August 28th—with only six episodes screened—Marlens and Black took home the 1988 Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series.

Made popular by the cartoon show, He-Man was hugely sought after in the '80s and '90s.

In the pilot of Everybody Loves Raymond, the kids were known as Matthew and Gregory. Romano’s own twin sons are named Matthew and Gregory and he decided it was imitating life a little too closely and asked for the names to be changed. They were subsequently turned into Michael and Geoffrey for the rest of the series.

The lineup scene that was shown in the movie was supposed to be a more serious moment but apparently, during the filming the cast in a silly mood, goofing off and cracking each other up nonstop. In an interview, Benicio Del Toro gave us insight into what created the case of the giggles for them. He stated, "All I remember is that someone farted...and no one knew who the guilty party was." But cast member Kevin Pollack remembered something different, he stated "Del Toro farted like 12 times in a row." Maybe it's a classic case of whoever smelt it dealt it?

Pogs were the ultimate collect-and-trade cards of the '90s. They were named for a Hawaiian drink, made with pomegranate, orange and guava. Could you beat your friends in a slam off?

Bruce Willis actually helped cast the part of John Coffey in the film. Willis had heard they were searching for the perfect actor to play this particular role and after co-starring with his friend Michael Clarke Duncan in Armageddon, he felt Duncan would be a great fit. Willis then used his pull in Hollywood to contact the film's director, Frank Darabont, and tell him about possibly using Duncan for the role.

In Mad About You, the Buchmans' dog, Murray, was actually Maui, a collie mix. He was originally found in a Castaic, California, animal shelter by a Hollywood animal trainer. Maui got his start in TV commercials and as the understudy for the titular circus dog in Bingo (1991).

Initially, the U.S. military had agreed to help support the production of this film by allowing greater access facilities as well as interviews/consultations with military personnel. But, according to the film's producer Dean Devlin, after becoming aware that the script contained several references to Area 51 being a facility used for extraterrestrial projects the military withdrew their support. Most likely due to them not wanting to encourage any more ideas or rumors about supposed secret military projects.

These figurines were based on characters from the popular "X-Men" comics, published by Marvel. They were created and led by Professor X, born Charles Francis Xavier.

In the movie, there is an iconic and very crucial scene where Dr. Maguire (Robin Williams) and Will (Matt Damon) are together on a park bench. That bench is actually located in Boston's Public Garden and after Williams death now serves as a memorial. It's a place where his fans can come to remember the late actor and his great acting contributions to the Hollywood film industry.

Stretch Armstrong can be contorted into any position - even tied in knots - and will revert back to his original shape when released. Ouch!

As The Nanny gained success, Fran’s real-life marriage began to deteriorate. Just as Fran Fine struggled on The Nanny to find true love, she and the sitcom’s writer and producer, Peter Marc Jacobson, divorced in 1999.

In the summer of 1999, American Pie was a blockbuster film, raking in $235 million dollars world wide in theaters. Believe it or not, Adam Herz the film's 26 year old writer, created the screenplay for this movie in just six weeks. Herz shared that for his film research he ended up watching "sex obsessed high school movies" such as Porky's and Bachelor Party to study the comedy angles used in those types of films.

The Gloworm was a friendly, soft-bodied toy. Its face would light up to be used as a night light.

These figures are based on the animated series of the same name, where the four half-man, half-shark heroes fight crime. Seems kinda similar to the Ninja Turtles.

The opening credits of NewsRadio were re-edited in the season four episode Catherine Moves On to show Alexander’s character slapping the male cast members in the face.

In this film, Heath Ledger played the role of the Patrick Verona. Patrick was the mysterious bad boy that was originally paid to convince Kat to go to prom with him but ends up actually falling for her. Playing the part of Patrick was actually Ledger's first Hollywood role. When he was originally asked about how he portrayed his character Heath explained, “I’m using bits and pieces of Richard Burton’s portrayal of that character in perhaps the best known The Taming of the Shrew film, but my Patrick has also got a Jack Nicholson edge to him with his cheekiness and his smiles.”

Ellen DeGeneres starred in the hit sitcom, Ellen. Her character came out on the show, in the iconic The Puppy Episode. Before she found her calling as a stand-up comedian at age 23, DeGeneres was a college dropout who waited tables, shucked oysters, served as a bartender, painted houses, and worked as a legal secretary.

By using air pressure, this water gun shoots faster and further than any other, making it every kid's favourite weapon!

This particular movie was given a 72 million dollar budget which was actually split between two studios, Paramount and 20th Century Fox. The reason for the split was essentially financial insurance for both studios. The movie release in theaters May 24th, 1994 and domestically made about $75.6 million dollars at the box office. All in all the film turned out to be a hit with critics, which lead to the film taking home 5 Oscars total.

According to costume designer Jean Paul Gaultier, the film's director had originally lined up Prince for the role of Ruby Rhod. Gaultier had designed Ruby's costumes around Prince filling that role, but apparently, when the two met to go over costume sketches Prince stated the designs were "a bit too effeminate." In the end, Prince, was not involved in the film but instead actor Chris Tucker took on the role of Ruby Rhod in the film, truly bringing an interesting character to life.

The Planeteers each held a ring. The rings represented fire, water, earth, wind and heart and could be used to summon Captain Planet in times of need.

Martin Lawrence played a total of nine characters in Lawrence: Mama Payne, Sheneneh, Jerome, Roscoe, Bob from marketing, Dragonfly Jones, Elroy Preston, King Beef, and Otis.

Keanu Reeves wasn't actually the producers first choice for the part of Johnny Utah. Apparently, wanted either Charlie Sheen or Johnny Depp but due to the demands of the film's director, Kathryn Bigelow, Reeves ended up landing the part. Even Patrick Swayze auditioned for the role of Utah but he ended up getting the role of Bodhi in this film.

Whoever would have thought that the dummies used in testing vehicle safety would have spawned a popular toy? That's exactly what happened with the Crash Test Dummies!

Each fun figurine came with a trading card that told the monster's story. When you got enough cards, you could play games with them, with your friends.

Bill Fagerbakke’s run as Offensive Coordinator Dauber on Coach ended in 1997, the same year that he successfully auditioned to voice Patrick Star on SpongeBob SquarePants. For the first few years of SpongeBob, he referred to Patrick as “AquaDauber.”

As of October 2016 this classic Disney film is now 22 years old, can you believe it?! The Lion King is actually known as the highest grossing hand drawn animated feature....of all time. In 1994 during the film's release, The Lion King made around $987 million dollars during its time at the box office.

The Talk Boy is a recorder and player in one. A kid's answer to a Dictaphone! It was featured in the movie "Home Alone 2."

It’s no coincidence that Wings is the airport version of Cheers, as its co-creators, David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee spent several years working together on the beloved series about the bar where everybody knows your name. Though it’s not a spin-off, Wings featured several tie-ins with both Cheers and Frasier (another Angell-Casey-Lee creation).

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