Quiz: Can You Identify These 1980s Teen Stars?
Can You Identify These 1980s Teen Stars?
By: Craig

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"Don't you forget about me!" As any '80s lover would know, the decade was booming when it came to the film industry, and it's hard to forget about all the classics. There are tons of stars who are around in 2018 that got their start as a teenager in an '80s film. From Patrick Dempsey to Winona Ryder, 91% of people can't identify these 1980s teen stars from an image. Can you?

While actors like Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger were household names in the 1980s, many people were starting to notice the new group of teen stars. The decade was led by actors like Matthew Broderick in Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future and Teen Wolf. While they were leading the film industry on their own, there was nothing that compared to the elite group of teen stars known as the "Brat Pack."  Led by actors like Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, and Judd Nelson, these teens starred in films such as The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo's Fire. This elite group also featured Andrew McCarthy, Anthony Michaell Hall, and Rob Lowe.

These were some of the biggest stars of the '80s and while you might recognize their names and their older appearances, can you recognize them as an '80s teen? Let's find out!

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Which '80s teen star is shown in this image?
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Familiar with this funny teen hearthhrob?
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How about this 21 Jumpstreet TV fave?
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He's still acting as an adult now! Who's he?
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Who's this pre-Stranger Things '80s teen star in this image?
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Which '80s teen star is this?
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He is Sam, too! But who is he?
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Who's this wax on-wax off teen?
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Pre-Samwise Gamgee, who's this Goonie?
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Today, he plays Tony Stark. Guess?
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Who's this pretty '80s teen star in this image?
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Which '80s teen star is this, who later became a Trekkie?
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Which '80s teen star turned Hollywood hunk is this?
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Who's this charming Charmed '80s teen star?
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It's Marty McFly's mom! Who is she?
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Who's that Young Gun shown in this image?
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Which '80s teen star is this, known for playing Duckie?
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Gone too soon. Which '80s teen star is this?
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She became a CSI! Who is she?
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He played pimply nerds and bully jock BFs. Who is he?
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Who's this member of The Breakfast Club?
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She had the time of her life in the '80s. Who is this teener?
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Who is this Some Kind of Wonderful actress?
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Which High Fidelity '80s teen star is this?
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She looks ageless! Who's this teen blonde?
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Before sunset, sunrise, and midnight, he was a child star. Who's he?
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This is one of two frequently confused '80s teen heartthrobs. What's his name?
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She became Hulk's love interest! Which '80s teen star is this?
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Do you know this '80s teen babe? Name her!
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Which '80s teen star, known for Footloose, also became a formidable actor 'til today?
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This Outsider is so in! Who's he?
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This G.I. Jane started as a teen star. Who's she?
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He's the other identically-named '80s teen heartthrob! What's his name?
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Another lost one. Who is this '80s teen gal?
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Who is this singing and dancing Producer?
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He became Batman! Who's he?
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He goes on Mission: Impossible quests now. Who is he?
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She's now the mom of the Man of Steel. Who is this former teen star?
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Who is this Blue Lagoon star?
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