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There is one household tradition that all families share during celebrations and parties - kids are going to sneak up to the table and steal away as many snacks as they can. You can't hide from tradition, and with a smirk on your face, you know you did it, too. But, what was your favorite? Did you prefer salty snacks like potato chips? Or, were you more of a sweets person, delving headfirst into a bowl with anything as long as it was covered in chocolate? While most people have fond memories of their childhood snacking habits, do you still love those same snacks? From childhood to adulthood, the palate often changes, but how much has yours?

This quiz shows you some of the most beloved snack foods over the last few decades. They are used to celebrate everything from birthdays and the holidays to festivals and of course sporting events! Sounds simple, right? You might even be eating some of these snacks while you take this quiz, but like everything, life isn't always as simple as it looks. For example, you may like sweets, so would you be able to tell the difference between a Lay's potato chip and a Pringles chip, without the packaging? Are you looking at a bowl of Chex Mix or a bowl of mixed nuts?

When it comes to snacks, they may taste great on the way down, but you need to know what they look like before you take that first bite. Take this quiz to see if you can crunch through your snacks!

Doritos introduced most Americans to tortilla chips. Now they come in a dizzying array of flavors, far beyond the original Nacho Cheese and Toasted Corn!

The best way to eat Fritos is in the Texas favorite: Frito Pie. Take a bowl of Fritos and top them with chili and cheese. Delicious!

Pringles were something of a snack food sensation when they came out. The can helps prevent the ton of broken chips usually found at the bottom of a bag.

If you're tired of potato chips that snap off when you dip them, Ruffles is the answer! These sturdy chips can get tremendous amounts of dip aboard.

Here's the top of the chip heap! The iconic yellow bag of Lay's is recognized everywhere, and it's a rare party spread that doesn't have at least one on hand.

The Wise owl has been a sign of quality snacking for decades. If you grew up in the Northeast, it's likely that your first potato chips came from a bag with an owl on it!

Santitas is the go-to chip for anyone wanting to get as close as they can to Mexican restaurant chips without leaving home. Their $2 bags fly off the shelves when game time nears!

For decades, Chex Mix was a party favorite that people made at home. Now you can buy it in a variety of flavor combinations. It's one of the great things about modern life!

Beef jerky is the ultimate all-purpose snack food. You can munch it on the couch, or get outdoorsy and make it part of your provisions for a camping trip!

Who doesn't love a bowl of hot, buttered popcorn? It's easy to make, can take tons of flavorings and a huge amount can be created in a short time for a crowd.

Sun Chips have been marketed as a healthy alternative to potato chips. While they're still loaded with sodium, they do pack in less fat than regular chips.

If you like roasted peanuts, but hate the time involved in getting them out of the shell, then cocktail peanuts are your go-to. They also go great in various recipes, like homemade peanut brittle!

The problem with most mixed nuts cans is that they're at least half peanuts. Planters solved this by offering "deluxe" mixed nuts with no peanuts, and now just about every brand has them!

Sesame sticks are a frequent guest in various party mixes and Asian snack mixes. Try them by themselves for a nutty, salty change from your usual!

Dry-roasted peanuts have a salty coating that can be highly addictive for sodium lovers. They're one of the more inexpensive snack foods, and give a lot of bang for the buck.

If you need an all-purpose snack or an addition to party mixes, pretzel sticks are a utility player. They also are great dipped in anything from mustard to melted chocolate!

Baked Cheetos are the traditional "puffy" style that give you that lovely coating of cheese dust all over your fingers. Every bag should come with a moist towelette! These don't coat you quite as much.

Get the best of the pretzel and the chip worlds with these. The crunchy bites come in a variety of flavors, with honey mustard being a favorite along with Buffalo wing.

If you like onion rings but don't like having an actual onion inside them, Funyuns are perfect! Somehow, they replicate the flavor of good onion rings without any identifiable onion inside.

There may be no nut with a more buttery finish than the pistachio. Whether eaten straight or as part of another mixture, they're delicious.

Club crackers are the all-purpose platform for any hors d'ouevre. They have a buttery taste that goes with just about any topping.

Cheez balls are a camp favorite, often sold in big barrels with a wide mouth. Like baked Cheetos, they result in the dreaded orange finger syndrome.

Want the goodness of Cheetos without the dreaded orange fingers? Crunchy Cheetos leave a lot less goo behind, and taste great!

Everything's better when it sits on a Ritz! One of the best ways to eat them is with peanut butter and a frosty glass of milk.

Wheat Thins are a lightly sweet, small crunchy cracker. They're excellent with cheese ... if you can stop eating them out of the box!

Saltines are the utility infielder of the cracker world. You'll find them topped with cheese, crumbled into soup and even used to make pie crust!

Did you know that salsa is the most popular condiment in the world? Worldwide, it's consumed even more than ketchup!

If you don't have time to cook up a football spread, a couple of cans of bean dip will get you started! It comes in a wide variety of flavors and heat levels.

Looking for a compromise between Ruffles and traditional chips? Wavy Lay's hit the middle perfectly, with more ridges than flat chips but not the tight crevices of Ruffles.

Takis are an example of the amazing infiltration of Latin foods into the snack aisle. They're a spicy, salty party mix that will wake up your whole face!

Fritos Scoops are the greatest gift ever for dip lovers. Each chip is like a miniature shovel!

Rye chips are those little dark brown slices that everyone dives for in party mix. If you're sharp-eyed, you might find them in bags by themselves around the holidays!

Did you know that pork rinds were Pres. George H. W. Bush's favorite snack? He often snacked on them during cabinet meetings.

If you want french fries, but you don't want to drive to Burger King, keep a can of these on hand! They'll hit your fry craving ... you can even dip them in ketchup.

Bugles are unlike any other snack food, if only for their shape. They come in a variety of flavors, with nacho cheese being a hot seller.

Want a salty snack, but with less guilt? Veggie chips are made with sliced vegetables instead of potatoes, so they're a bit healthier!

Fritos Twists are flavor-loaded chips that aren't really for dipping, like other Fritos. Certain flavors can also leave you looking like you've been eating Cheetos!

You'll need your strong jaw muscles for Triscuits! These fiber-packed snacks can be hard to eat in large quantities ... not necessarily a bad thing!

Most frequently seen in Asian snack mixes, wasabi peas pack a punch! Eat a handful straight to clear your sinuses for days.

There are as many mixtures of trail mix as there are trails. The most common involve roasted nuts, dried fruit and some sort of chocolate candy.

Cashews are usually one of the most expensive nuts on the snack aisle. Their buttery flavor makes them a coveted snack, and they're high in good fats.

For decades, Cheez-Its were the go-to cracker for cheese-loving snackers. Now they come in flavors like white cheddar, to make them even more snackable.

Anyone who's had kids is familiar with Goldfish. They're a "first finger food" for a lot of toddlers, right along with Cheerios.

Crunch-n-Munch takes the ballpark favorite Cracker Jacks to a whole new level. It comes in a variety of mixtures, some including almonds and cashews.

French onion dip, with its slightly salty finish, is a potato chip's best friend. It's best chilled, but you can eat it straight out of the jar!

Salsa verde is a lighter-flavored cousin to traditional salsa. It's got a fresh, slightly sweet taste.

Pub mix is a heartier version of Chex Mix. It's a big favorite during football season and around the holidays.

Fruit snacks are a favorite among the under-12 set. If you've ever taken a long car trip, you've learned that they're great when it's still 60 miles to dinner!

Munchos are a truly unique snack food. They're similar to potato chips, but crunchier, kind of like the perfect blend of Pringles and Lay's.

Tostitos was Frito-Lay's effort to tap into the market of consumers who wanted more "traditional" tortilla chips. Try the Lime and Chile flavor with your favorite salsa!

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