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Americans, it has to be said, are not the world's biggest geography buffs. A survey in the mid-2000s found that only one in five young Americans owns a map of the world, 63 percent could not locate Iraq on a map, and 54 percent didn't know what continent Sudan is on. (It's in Africa). The survey-takers didn't do much better on U.S. geography, either. 

Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution? (Or maybe you're not American and offended at being lumped in with us). Whichever is the case, we've designed a quiz to help you figure out where you land on the geography-buff spectrum. 

Do you know, for example, which country's capital is Port-Au-Prince? Or where you would find the Louvre Museum? How about which country was home to late great writer Ernest Hemingway? (Hint: It's not on great terms with the US nowadays). 

Maybe you want to prove your geography chops. Or maybe you've got the itch to travel, but on an armchair budget! Either way, we're here to help. Settle in with our quiz and take a trip around the world, all without leaving the house. You might learn a thing or two about the planet we all call home! 

Which famous body of water falls on the border between Canada and America?

Niagara Falls is actually made up of three falls, and that's just the collective name for them. It's still interesting to visit this place on both sides -- the Ontario side and the New York side.


This huge greenery is found in the Manhattan borough of New York. What's this park called?

If you plan on exploring Central Park, make sure you have a very detailed map of New York, since one could get lost easily. But trust us when we say it's better to see during any other season but winter -- unless you want to see endless fields of whiteness.


It's the home country of Vladimir Putin.

Russia is the largest country on the planet. Imagine it spans two continents: Europe and Asia.


This European country has festivals where you can run with the bulls or thrash people with tomatoes. Which country is this?

Spain has a lot of festivals that happen all year round. With its vast geography and subcultures, it's enjoyable to visit the country any time of the year.


There's a Disneyland in Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. But where in California is its original theme park located?

Nothing beats the original Disneyland theme park located in Anaheim, California. Just beyond it is an equally exciting place to visit -- Disney California Adventure, which is probably more enjoyable for adults.


Bangkok is touted as one of the most visited cities in the world. In which Southeast Asian country is this city located?

Thailand prides itself on being the most visited country in the world when it comes to the number of visitors. In 2016, they counted 21.47 million overnight visitors alone. Imagine that!


The Louvre is the famous museum found in this French capital. What's the place called?

Paris is another city that never sleeps. With so many cafes and cool museums and sights and parks and restaurants, there's a lot to do there!


It's quite logical that you'll find the British Museum in this UK city. Which one is it?

The British Museum is located in an area called Bloomsbury; that's in London, England's capital.


The Sydney Opera House is a gorgeous tourist attraction in the city of Sydney. But in which country is this city located?

Australia has the "double burden" of sorts by being the name of a country and the collective name of a continent. Today, however, to be more inclusive of the nearby island nation states, the region is referred to as Australia and or Oceania.


The majestic Grand Canyon can be found in which US state?

Now we know why Arizona is nicknamed "the Grand Canyon state." When ya got it, flaunt it!


This US neighbor is where you can find great cigars, it's the home of the mojito cocktail, and author Ernest Hemingway when he was still alive. Which country is this?

Cuba is just near the area where Florida is. That's why early migrants from Havana all entered the US through Florida.


The ancient Incan structure called Machu Picchu is located in which South American country?

Peru prides itself of having an ancient civilization known to humankind. It's even better that they were able to preserve most of it.


The super-high and super-cold mountain range called The Alps is found in which continent?

There's the German Alps, the French Alps, and the Swiss Alps, all in Europe. But the entire Alpine range actually touches upon other European countries like Austria, Monaco, Liechtenstein, and Slovenia.


Doha is a powerful city in a rather small-sized country. Where is it located?

Qatar is a small Arab country, rich in arts and architectural history. It's great to explore it, if you're okay with the heat.


This African country was infamous in the '80s for having a severe case of drought and famine. Which country is this?

Ethiopia was the recipient of many kinds of international aid during the early to mid-'80s due to severe famine and drought. Many benefit concerts were held to help the people.


The first Lara Croft: Tomb Raider film brought Angelina Jolie to see an ancient city called Angkor Wat. In which country is it located?

Cambodia is an interesting country to visit in the Mekong region of Southeast Asia. Its history, while murky, is something that somehow haunts the country to this day.


It's the island where Bob Marley and reggae music came from.

Jamaica is a very eclectic country. Its culture is very rich, and they have exported some of their talents worldwide.


This South Asian country is often referred to as a "sub-continent" because of its size. Which country is this?

India is a huge land mass in South Asia. Its neighboring countries also share its heritage and some cultural aspects, due to migration and shared cultural exchanges in the past.


K-Pop is a pop culture phenomenon originating from Korean culture. But which Korea?

South Korea is the more democratic of the two Koreas. This is where all the K-Pop phenomenon came from and the reason why many tourists also flock there.


This famous street in New Orleans, while historically famous, is also named after a beverage. Which one is this?

Sting wrote a song entitled "Moon Over Bourbon Street," an ode to the famous street area in New Orleans. But it's also because he was wooing the casting people of Interview With The Vampire to allow him to star in the film version of Anne Rice's New Orleans-set novel -- or so it's reported.


Las Vegas is a very popular tourist destination in America, but in which state is it located?

Nevada's capital is Carson City. But people flock to Las Vegas more, because of its Sin City appeal.


You have to go to this California city to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Where is it?

San Francisco is located in the northern part of California. It could get really cold there, so bring a jacket.


A popular Chinese attraction is the historical Forbidden City. In which city is it located?

Beijing is rich in history, as well as artistic goings-on. People flock to the Forbidden City there to see its once majestic past.


In the movie 'Eat, Pray, Love', the heroine went to this European country to eat pasta. Which country is this?

Italy is another country in Europe that's rich in history and culture. And we love the people, too!


Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington are cities found in which country?

New Zealand is one of the more progressive nations outside of North America and Europe. But people might mostly know it because of famous Kiwi, Peter Jackson, who shot the Lord of the Rings trilogy there.


The South Pole is essentially found in which continent?

Antarctica is at the bottom of the globe, and it's where South Pole is. It is double the size of Australia in land mass.


Boxer, Oscar de la Hoya, actress Salma Hayek, and painter Frida Kahlo all originally hailed from which country?

Mexico is another country rich in history. One of the most ancient cultures on the planet, the Aztecs, reigned in Mexico and paved the way for its current culture.


Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa are cities that could be found in which US state?

Florida is actually Spanish for "land of flowers." No wonder its culture is flowery!


While Holland is essentially only a region, it used to refer to the whole country where it's located. Which country is this?

The Netherlands is the correct term to use for this cool European country.


Port-au-Prince is the capital city of this country, once colonized by the French.

Haiti is a country that's lately on the path of many destructions. There's that awful big earthquake, and later the storms. But their people's resilience always prevails, no matter what.


The Lincoln Memorial is one of the most visited places in this area. Where is it located?

Washington DC is a vibrant area that highlights diversity in its local culture. It's also an international hub of sorts, being the seat of government and all that.


Technically, the earth's equator passes through this country, hence its name.

Ecuador's capital is Quito. Since it's in South America, its official language is Spanish, though they use the US Dollar as their currency.


It used to be called Burma. What is that country's name now?

Burma's ruling military-run government changed its name to Myanmar back in 1989. Their capital city, once known as Rangoon, was also renamed as Yangon but is now Naypyidaw.


Which one of these small island nation states are located in Oceania?

Many countries make up the small island nation states located in the Oceania region. Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa would be the more popular or familiar ones, but there's also Nauru, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Tuvalu.


The smallest country in the world is located inside another country, somewhere in Europe. What country is this?

The Vatican is considered the smallest country on earth. And oddly enough, it's inside another bigger country.


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