Can You Name These ‘90s Movies With Only One Image?

By: Kayla McGovern
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To infinity and beyond!

Today, we're catching a ride from Buzz Lightyear and traveling back to the '90s!

An iconic age in film, the '90s produced a series of movies that will forever be cataloged as the greatest films of all time. A lot of these films started with the directors that helped shape the actors and scenery.

Quentin Tarantino brought in Reservoir Dogs and the classic 1994 Pulp Fiction. What would Titanic have been without the direction of James Cameron? Who could forget Steven Spielberg's extensive resume with Jurassic ParkSchindler's List, and Saving Private Ryan? While these directors helped bring these films to life, it was the actors and actresses who helped ingrain them in your memory! 

Actors like Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, and Morgan Freeman helped shape the award shows. Uma Thurman was iconic in her role as Mia Wallace. How could you forget the image of Kate Winslet hanging off a boat in the middle of the ocean?

From a wealthy blonde teen to a cannibalistic psychiatrist, can you recognize the scenes from the biggest films of the decade? A hand on the window might be a question mark for some, but only a pro would recognize the 1997 love story. Is that you? Let's see if this quiz will have you ready for the big screen!

When 20th Century Fox originally started casting for this memorable film, they had pushed for Tom Cruise to play the role of Jack Dawson. But the film's director, James Cameron was insistent on casting Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack instead. Can you imagine the film without young Leo?!

Initially, the U.S. military had agreed to help support the production of this film by allowing greater access facilities as well as interviews/consultations with military personnel. But, according to the film's producer Dean Devlin, after becoming aware that the script contained several references to Area 51 being a facility used for extraterrestrial projects the military withdrew their support. Most likely due to them not wanting to encourage any more ideas or rumors about supposed secret military projects.

Some crazy or dangerous things can happen when actors/actresses are filming stunts on a movie set, and the production of The Mummy was no exception. Lead actor Brendan Fraser had a close call when filming one particular scene, actually almost died apparently. In the movie there is a part where his character is hung, but while the scene was being acted out something went wrong. Fraser's co-star, Rachel Weisz recounted the incident stating, "He [Fraser] stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated."

The films writers, Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, didn't create the script in a traditional way. Instead of a detailed script, the writing duo decided it was best to have an outline, to be exact a 35 paged outline. By leaving it as an outline, it allowed the dialogue between the characters to be improvised and as a result make the storyline feel more real for the audience.

In the movie, there is an iconic and very crucial scene where Dr. Maguire (Robin Williams) and Will (Matt Damon) are together on a park bench. That bench is actually located in Boston's Public Garden and after Williams death now serves as a memorial. It's a place where his fans can come to remember the late actor and his great acting contributions to the Hollywood film industry.

The lineup scene that was shown in the movie was supposed to be a more serious moment but apparently, during the filming the cast in a silly mood, goofing off and cracking each other up nonstop. In an interview, Benicio Del Toro gave us insight into what created the case of the giggles for them. He stated, "All I remember is that someone farted...and no one knew who the guilty party was." But cast member Kevin Pollack remembered something different, he stated "Del Toro farted like 12 times in a row." Maybe it's a classic case of whoever smelt it dealt it?

Bruce Willis actually helped cast the part of John Coffey in the film. Willis had heard they were searching for the perfect actor to play this particular role and after co-starring with his friend Michael Clarke Duncan in Armageddon, he felt Duncan would be a great fit. Willis then used his pull in Hollywood to contact the film's director, Frank Darabont, and tell him about possibly using Duncan for the role.

"American Beauty" was inspired by the story of Amy Fisher and Joe Buttafuoco's affair which made headlines in the early 1990's. At 17 years old, Amy Fisher became know as "Long Island Lolita" after shooting her lover's wife, Mary Jo Buttafuoco, in the face. Fisher ended up serving over 6 years for her crime while on the other hand Joe Buttafuoco only spent a handful of months in jail for statutory rape (since Amy had only been 17 at the time of their affair).

In this film, a famous musician has a cameo! Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea makes numerous appearances through out the film. He pops up as one of the guys trying to shake down The Dude for ransom money. Flea made other appearances in films such as "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", the last two "Back to the Future" films and "My Own Private Idaho".

Being a Quentin Taratino movie, this film is chalk full of profanity. But more specifically the characters in this film say the F bomb like it's going out of style! All in all the film contains 265 F words. Believe it or not, this motion picture doesn't take the title home for most said F words, that belongs to another Taratino film called "Reservoir Dogs" with a mind boggling 269 F words said throughout the film!

Miller's Crossing was another great film produced by the Coen brothers. Throughout their careers, they have formed preferences of actors they like to continually use in their projects. Steve Buscemi is one of the prestigious actors that have frequented their films, appearing in six of the Coen brothers' films. Miller's Crossing was the first film where the three came together. The brothers' reason for casting Buscemi as Mink, was due to him being able to speak faster than anyone else and fast talking was a crucial skill need for that role.

In the summer of 1999, American Pie was a blockbuster film, raking in $235 million dollars world wide in theaters. Believe it or not, Adam Herz the film's 26 year old writer, created the screenplay for this movie in just six weeks. Herz shared that for his film research he ended up watching "sex obsessed high school movies" such as Porky's and Bachelor Party to study the comedy angles used in those types of films.

In this film, Heath Ledger played the role of the Patrick Verona. Patrick was the mysterious bad boy that was originally paid to convince Kat to go to prom with him but ends up actually falling for her. Playing the part of Patrick was actually Ledger's first Hollywood role. When he was originally asked about how he portrayed his character Heath explained, “I’m using bits and pieces of Richard Burton’s portrayal of that character in perhaps the best known The Taming of the Shrew film, but my Patrick has also got a Jack Nicholson edge to him with his cheekiness and his smiles.”

This particular movie was given a 72 million dollar budget which was actually split between two studios, Paramount and 20th Century Fox. The reason for the split was essentially financial insurance for both studios. The movie release in theaters May 24th, 1994 and domestically made about $75.6 million dollars at the box office. All in all the film turned out to be a hit with critics, which lead to the film taking home 5 Oscars total.

Jumanji is one of those movies that everyone can't help but love. The years following the release of the movie, it still remained popular. So much so that even just recently in 2014, a replica of the Jumanji game board from the movie was auctioned on eBay. It ended up selling for a whopping $60,800.

According to costume designer Jean Paul Gaultier, the film's director had originally lined up Prince for the role of Ruby Rhod. Gaultier had designed Ruby's costumes around Prince filling that role, but apparently, when the two met to go over costume sketches Prince stated the designs were "a bit too effeminate." In the end, Prince, was not involved in the film but instead actor Chris Tucker took on the role of Ruby Rhod in the film, truly bringing an interesting character to life.

Keanu Reeves wasn't actually the producers first choice for the part of Johnny Utah. Apparently, wanted either Charlie Sheen or Johnny Depp but due to the demands of the film's director, Kathryn Bigelow, Reeves ended up landing the part. Even Patrick Swayze auditioned for the role of Utah but he ended up getting the role of Bodhi in this film.

Although the film was met with mixed reviews from its critics, Episode I was a huge success in terms of bringing home the bacon. It broke box office records its opening weekend by raking in a cool $28 million its first day in theaters. Phantom Menace went on to make $924.3 million in worldwide theaters, making its 1999's most financially successful film of the year.

As of October 2016 this classic Disney film is now 22 years old, can you believe it?! The Lion King is actually known as the highest grossing hand drawn animated feature....of all time. In 1994 during the film's release, The Lion King made around $987 million dollars during its time at the box office.

Danny Boyle was this particular film's director. Boyle is an English film director, as well as a screenwriter, a producer and a theatre director. He is most known for his work on films such as Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, Slumdog Millionaire, Steve Jobs, Shallow Grave and many others.

Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder had worked together in several movies. These titles included Silver Streak in 1976, Stir Crazy in 1980, See No Evil, Hear No Evil in 1989 and Another You in 1991. Pryor and Wilder 's roles in the movie Another You ended up being their final leading roles in motion pictures.

Screenwriter Kevin Williamson found inspiration for his script from actual real life events. In 1990, there were a series of student murders in Gainesville, Florida. The killer, Danny Harold Rolling, was later named “The Gainesville Ripper.” Williamson also used his favorite movie which was John Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween, as another source for creative inspiration for his film Scream.

This movie pulled on everyone's heart strings, who doesn't love a heart warming story about animals? But these lovable animals weren't your typical everyday pets. These animal actors were extremely well train for their roles in the movie Homeward Bound. In fact the animals were trained by a team of trainers headed by Joe Camp, a veteran animal trainer for Hollywood.

The story behind the film Heat is actually based on a real life meeting between a Chicago detective and a convicted bank robber in 1963. Detective Chuck Adamson met with Neil McClauey in a little coffee shop in Chicago only to be running into each other a year later on much different terms. Adamson tracked McClauey and his team to an in-progress heist at a supermarket which lead to a chase where McClauey ended up shot dead in a front lawn of a home nearby. Much later Adamson ended of working with Heat's director, Michael Mann, on the films Thief and Crime Story. The two became friends and through their talks, Mann became inspired by the events that transpired between Adamson and McClauey back in the early 1960s which then lead Mann to dreaming up the movie Heat.

Beauty and the Beast is a classic Walt Disney movie loved by kids and parents alike. But before its release in the 1990's, Walt Disney had originally attempted to create this animated film multiple times, once in the 1930's and again in the 1950's. Unfortunately, he was met with road blocks both times due to the writers at the time felt strongly that the original story was too difficult for them to adapt as a Disney picture. Screenwriter Linda Woolverton finally came around and created a script that was just what Walt Disney had hoped for.

Alien 3 had a reasonable movie budget of 50 million dollars but during production, money was definitely wasted. To be precise 7 million dollars ended being wasted on sets that were built for different scenes but never used. This was due to the fact that script was ever changing during filming!

The film's director, Amy Heckerling, actually performed research for her film by studying real Beverly Hills High School students. Heckerling created the movie's dialogue by sitting in high school classrooms and observing the teenagers as they talked and interacted with each other. By doing this Heckerling was able to get a feel for teenage lingo at that time and was able to reflect that in Clueless.

At its box office release, Dazed and Confused ended up being a total flop. In fact, it only made around $7.95 million, to put that number in perspective, the movie's total production budget was $6.9 million. But as the years have passed Dazed and Confused as continued to make money when it went to VHS and DVD even the movie soundtrack ended up going double platinum!

When it came to filling the role of Dr. Evil, Jim Carey was actually supposed to take on the role. Sadly, he ended up having to pass due to scheduling conflicts with another film he was working on at the time. So Mike Meyers ended up taking on the role as well as playing Austin Powers.

Unfortunately for Warner Brother's Studio, this wasn't a very successful film. It wasn't very popular with audiences and critics alike. It was a flop at the box office pulling in only around $107 million dollars total when the movie production budget was $125 million. So the movie actually ended up costing the studio to make the film. The movie ended up being so bad it was voted #1 in Empire magazine's "50 Worst Movies Ever".

This film's director and leading actor Roberto Benigni's actually won an Oscar for his performance in his own film. His Oscar win marked the second time that an actor who had directed himself had resulted in an Academy Award winning performance. The only other time that has occurred was when Laurence Olivier won an Oscar for his performance in Hamlet (1948).

There is actually a psychiatric condition called the "Truman Show Delusion". A psychiatrist in 2008 actually shared that he had met with 5 schizophrenic patients and had also heard of another dozen patients who believed their lives were reality television shows.

Edward Scissorhands marked the first film of many where Johnny Depp and Tim Burton would work together. Originally the studio had pushed for Burton to have Tom Cruise take the role, due to them wanting a big star to help promote the film. Burton, on the other hand, wanted more of an unknown actor but compromised with the studio and asked TV idol and teenage heart throb, Johnny Depp, to take the part.

This Martin Scorsese film had a ridiculous budget to spend on costumes. In fact, the movie's costume budget was around $1 million. When you come to find out that apparently Robert De Niro had around 70 different costumes and his co star Sharon Stone had 40, it makes sense as to how fast it added up. Especially since that is only outfits for two characters in the entire film.

Originally Mel Gibson was the choice for the role of Harvey Dent and Two Face in this particular film. Gibson ended up having to turn down this role due to scheduling conflicts with another film by the name of Braveheart. In the end Tommy Lee Jones took on the role in this Batman film.

In the finished movie, it was Christian Slater who palyed the role of Daniel. This was after the death of River Phoenix, who was the actor that was originally supposed take on the role of Daniel. As a sign of respect and remembrance, Slater ended up donating his $250,000 salary made from the movie to two of Phoenix' favorite charities.

After reading the novel written by Jeffrey Eugenide, screenwriter Sofia Coppola, decided to create her own adaption of the novel. However, she came to find out that another company already had started to delve into producing an adaptation of the book themselves. But thankfully for Coppola, the other company ended up not being in love with their adaption of the novel which allowed Coppola the opportunity to show them her script. In the end, they ended up using it as the script for this 1999 movie.

In an interview with the British film magazine Empire, film director David Fincher, claimed in every scene of the movie that there is a can of haggis. Apparently, the reasoning behind this decision was that it was a little inside joke for those involved with the film's production. Fincher explained it was done because "Haggis" is the nickname of film's cinematographer Harris Savides.

Some crazy stuff behind the scenes happened during the filming of this movie. The main hair stylist for the cast of the film, Aldo Signoretti, was actually kidnapped by gang members and held for ransom money. The gang members demanded a ransom of $300 for Aldo to be released, which the film's director Baz Luhrmann paid immediately to get Aldo back safe and sound.

Actress Pam Ferris was the actress behind bringing to life one of film's most memorable characters with her spin on wicked elementary school principal that was Miss Trunchbull. Ferris was so committed to her character that she kept her evil performance going even after the cameras stopped rolling between scenes. Ferris ended up staying in character throughout the entire time of the film's production just to continue to instill fear in the young cast members. As she concluded that this was the best way to ensure their fear on-screen would feel genuine.

Home Alone topped the box office, making $17,081,997 in theaters its opening weekend. Then this goofy movie went on to stay number one for an entire 3 months after its release and actually remained in the top 10 movies until the summer of the following year. In fact, it became the highest grossing film of 1990 which resulted in the film earning a Guinness World Record as the highest-grossing live-action comedy (domestically).

This film's director was all about the details. He knew that at the time the film took place there were actually no buildings in Los Angeles that were allowed to be taller than City Hall. So they got creative and had to place cameras at certain points and work the angles so that any building taller than City Hall would not be seen in the film.

A memorable and funny little dialogue from the movie was an exchange between film character's Eddie and Soap. The exchange went:%0DEddie: "They're armed."%0DSoap: "What was that? Armed? What do you mean armed? Armed with what?"%0DEddie: "Err, bad breath, colorful language, feather duster... what do you think they're gonna be armed with? Guns, you tit!"

The film's director, Paul Thomas Anderson, actually came up with the character Eddie Adams' porn name when Anderson was just 17 years old. Anderson explained in an interview with NPR that he felt a great porn star name had to have two G's in it as well as a one K. His reasoning was that it sounded right, his exact words were, "it just looks good and it sounds good for a good porn name. And you know, a K is pretty important, too." Whatever silly reasoning was used, he created the name Dirk Diggler and Eddie Adams' porn persona was born.

Originally director Francis Ford Coppola had planned to title this final installment as The Death of Michael Corleone, but the movie studio didn’t approve of it due to them feeling it gave away too much in just the film title. The film was dubbed The Godfather: Part III to keep the studio happy and the audience from knowing the ending before the movie even started. But eventually, Coppola got his way when the movie went to DVD the final chapter was given his original desired title.

In Deep Impact there is a scene where Jenny Lerner first meets the President. This scene was filmed in the actual kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel where Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan. Senator Kennedy was murdered in 1968 while he was out campaigning for the presidency of the United States.

Princess Mononoke's film director, Hayao Miyazaki, is known as being one of Japan's greatest animation directors. He was all about the details in his work. That was evident when he personally had corrected or redrew more than 80,000 of the film's 144,000 animation cels.

Legends of the Fall was filmed outside of the U.S., it was actually filmed in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. The World War I battlefield scenes took around two weeks to film and they were shot near the area of Morley, Alberta. The production crew for the film recruited hundreds of locals and a few Canadian Forces soldiers as extras for the battle scenes in the movie.

When Julia Roberts was initially approached about being in the film, she wasn't too impressed or really interested in being involved. But after reading the full script she changed her mind, Robert stated, "When I sat to read [the script], I did not have any great expectations. I had been given a brief synopsis and it sounded unappealing. But when I read it, from the very start with her going into the bookshop and she seems very mysterious and there is this guy having all these troubles and they leave and collide and she is at his house and she kisses him, I thought 'Jesus Christ, this is great', I was completely sucked in."

At the time when this film was in the beginning stages of casting, director Tim Burton knew immediately that for the role of Ichabod Crane he wanted Johnny Depp. Burton and Depp had worked together previously on two other films and he felt they were a great creative pair. With Depp accepting the role, Sleepy Hollow became number three on the growing list of films together.

After a six-year absence from the big screen, 007 returned in 1995 starring Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. The reason for such a long time lapse between 1989's License to Kill and Goldeneye was primarily legal issues. These issues caused the need for MGM studios to postpone the next Bond installment, the six year wait is the longest wait in-between films in the franchise's history.

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