Quiz: Can You Name All Of These Cowboy Stars From An Image?
Can You Name All Of These Cowboy Stars From An Image?
By: Robin Tyler

About This Quiz

Put your hands up and reach for the sky!

An integral part of American history, the Wild West has been immortalized in films since the inception of Hollywood. Even during the era of silent movies, westerns were a constant theme with moviegoers flocking to see how stars of the time dealt with their daily problems.

Many of Hollywood's finest actors began their careers in the western genre before moving onto other themes. 

Some, like a certain famous singing cowboy, made the western genre their home for much of their career while others made their names in westerns, only to return in later life to grab an Oscar (or two) when they re-explored the genre.

Now, the all-important question is... do you think you can identify these cowboys, some modern and some of yesteryear? Many are easily recognized, having played major roles in other Hollywood movies. Some, however, might just stretch your gray matter a little. But rest assured, each and every cowboy in this quiz is a legend.

It's time to put your hat on (hopefully it is a thinking hat), saddle up your trusty steed, load your six-shooter and finish in the top 7 percent of people who get the reward at the end of the day!

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