Can You Identify These Iconic '60s and '70s TV Shows From A Screenshot?

By: J. Scott Wilson

About This Quiz

When it comes to television, sometimes we think we've seen it all. Well, for this quiz, you would have to have watched lots of '60s and '70s shows to stand a shot at acing it. Television in the United States in the 1960s was a time when the Golden Age of Television was coming to an end; a time when live television production ruled the country. In the early '60s, the heads of the television world were not pleased, and for the first two years of the decade, inferior programming aired.

As time went on, more innovative concepts were developed, and telecasts and teleplays like "Cinderella" and "Peter Pan" were released. In the 1970s, TV underwent a significant change. Sitcoms that were once popular, weren't as successful any longer, forcing directors to look at newer, younger and more hip formats. Soap operas were all the rage, medical shows spiked and game shows began to dominate. Unfortunately, westerns weren't as interesting (something many attributed to permanent color TV), rurally oriented shows died, and shows like "The Ed Sullivan Show" were canceled.

Television today is still very much like what it was back then, but with a bit of a twist. Do you have enough knowledge about what existed way back when to get all the answers in this quiz correct?

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