Can You Correctly Name These "Walking Dead" Characters From an Image?

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"The Walking Dead" is a post (zombie)-apocalyptic TV series adapted from a comic book series of the same name. They were written by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore, but the show itself was developed by Frank Darabont. It currently airs on AMC and centers around a man named Rick and his group of survivors. 

The group starts off in different places and eventually meet up in Atlanta. Along the way, they lose people to Walkers, in-fighting, and other reasons, but they also gain new members (some trustworthy and others, not so much). They try to settle in different locations but there's always a villain who just won't leave them be. Currently, that person is Negan and he's the most ruthless yet.

We're now getting to see that Rick's group is not the only colony left after the apocalypse, but there's also the Scavengers, the Wolves, Hilltop, the Kingdom, Oceanside and of course, the Saviors. Have you been paying enough attention to the show to name the characters we've chosen from just one picture? Take this quiz to find out. And if you're not at least caught up with the mid-season finale of season eight, then this quiz contains spoilers that may or may not make you cry. 

Rick Grimes is a former sheriff who has become the leader of Alexandria. Together with his children (now, child), he is trying to survive the apocalypse and everything that comes with it.

Daryl is the quiet archer of Rick's group who has shown to be an invaluable asset to the team. As of late, he and best friend, Rick, have been disagreeing, a first in the show's history.

Negan is the ultimate villain in "The Walking Dead" series. He has shown that he has no mercy and will stop at nothing, as long as he gets his way. He is the one responsible for murdering Glenn and Abraham, among many others.

The Sanctuary controlled by Negan offered refuge to both Dwight and his wife, Sherry, where they became part of the Saviors. However, fleeing the Sanctuary led to punishment for Dwight by Negan marrying Sherry and putting a hot iron to Dwight's face.

Jesus started out as a recruiter for Hilltop but has since become Maggie's second. He is smart, stealthy and great at collecting and stealing supplies.

Jadis is the leader of the Scavengers who live in a junkyard. Jadis started off as an antagonist in the Walking Dead but later joined alliances with Rick and became a co-leader of the Militia. Her temperament is seen as patient and cunning, and she and the Scavengers are adept at utilizing limited resources.

Shiva was a tiger who was saved by King Ezekiel, a then zookeeper. She became his sidekick and added to his royal demeanor. Unfortunately, Shiva gave up her life to save her king and was eaten by Walkers.

Owen is a savage leader of a group of raiders known as the Wolves. He is a violent man that has no issue with killing or mutilating innocent survivors of the outbreak. The wolves would mark W's into victims' foreheads, kill them, have them reanimated as Walkers, then use these Walkers as traps against other survivors.

The son of Rick and Lori, who initially thought that his father was a victim of the apocalypse. The course of Carl's life has seen him lose many individuals close to him, especially his mother, who he had to shoot himself before her reanimation as a Walker.

This Arab-American character told Rick about the existence of Oceanside. Siddiq now lives in the Alexandria Safe-Zone. His family consists of his former lover, Rosita Espinosa, and he works as part of a construction crew.

This high-ranking member of the Scavengers started off as an antagonist; she is portrayed as being in her late 30's and is a Caucasian-American, blonde female.

This member of the Saviors is seen as a brutal bully who takes pleasure in killing. Jared has a strong dislike of Richard and also usually acts without remorse for his actions.

Richard is a soldier of the Kingdom who lost his wife to a fire and his daughter, Katy, to the Walkers. Richard found refuge with Ezekiel; he was subsequently killed by Morgan for causing Benjamin's death.

This character is in her late 20's early 30's and was the wife of Dwight but later became one of Negan's wives. Sherry was a member of the Saviors, but she fled and freed Daryl as well.

This former police Academy student became a Militia soldier for the former Governor, then a supply runner for the Alexandria Safe-Zone. She is seen as cold and hostile, but this hides her true nature of being comforting and playful. She finds the Oceanside community on a supply run together with Heath.

This African-American character was a firefighter before the outbreak. She would later become a guard and marksman for the Alexandria Safe-Zone. After the death of her brother and boyfriend, she isolates herself. Eventually, she consumed cyanide tablets and had to be put down by Maggie.

Jerry is a Samoan-American character in his mid 30's who operates as part of the Militia, He is also an advisor to Ezekiel and a resident of the Kingdom.

This former leader of Oceanside was in her late 50's and portrayed as a blonde Caucasian-American woman. As leader of Oceanside, she was highly intelligent, caring and had a strong devotion to the safety of her group.

Judith is the daughter of Lori Grimes. It is unknown whether her father is Shane Walsh or Rick Grimes. Judith's first appearance in "The Walking Dead" was in "Killer Within."

Portrayed as an ill-tempered redneck, Merle goes from antagonist to helper throughout his time on "The Walking Dead." Merle's expertise lies in tracking and hunting, and the loss of a limb does nothing to slow him down.

This man is the Savior lieutenant and leader of the chemical plant outpost. His demeanor is unlike that of other Saviors; he is very level headed and prefers to avoid stressful situations.

One of the Kingdom's soldiers, Benjamin was in his late teens and died when he was shot in the leg by Jared. Morgan Jones stabbed Benjamin in the head before he could reanimate as a Walker.

Former high-school student Beth Greene was first introduced in the episode, "Bloodletting." She died in the episode, "Coda," when she was accidentally shot in the head by Dawn Lerner.

A former zookeeper in his late 40's, Ezekiel is the leader of the Kingdom and co-leader of the Militia. He is an African American male whose only family includes a pet named Shiva that was killed by a zombie herd.

Gregory was the former leader of Hilltop before Rick's group took over. He is a very selfish man (and alcoholic) who thinks about his needs before anyone else's.

Lori was the mother of Carl and Judith Grimes and the late wife of Rick. She died while giving birth to Judith after having a C-section done by Maggie. Her son Carl shot her in the head to prevent her reanimation.

Simon is the right-hand man of Negan; he is seen as being brutal, but extremely intelligent. Simon is the leader of the Satellite Outpost and second in command of the Saviors.

Hershel was a former farmer pre-apocalypse and became the group medic and former prison council member post-apocalypse. He was decapitated by the Governor and stabbed in the head by Michonne.

Her first appearance was in the episode, "Guts," and her last was in "Welcome to the Tombs." Andrea was bitten on the neck by Milton Mamet, and she shot herself in the head to prevent her reanimation.

This former leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone was an extremely intelligent woman in her late 50's. She was bitten by a walker and had to be stabbed in the head by her son, Spenser Monroe.

His first appearance came in the episode, "Made to Suffer." Tyrese was a survivor of the outbreak; his role included being a former Woodbury guard. He was bitten by a walker, and his reanimated body was put down by Michonne. He was survived by his sister, Sasha.

Shane was the former leader of the Atlanta group and was a determined, fearless and cunning individual. He was stabbed in the chest by Rick, and his zombified form was shot in the head by Carl.

Defined by his rough nature, this alcohol-loving, profanity-using survivor first appeared in the episode, "Inmates." He met his demise by having his head smashed with a baseball bat by Negan.

Gabriel first appeared in the episode, "Strangers," and was a former priest. Although he appears to be selfish at first, he proves his worth by saving Rick's family and providing counsel to members of Alexandria.

Enid is a former resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone who lost her parents to a group of Walkers when their attempts to jump-start a car failed. Enid is in her mid-teenage years and a member of the Militia.

Heath is a supply runner for the Alexandria Safe-Zone. He first appeared in the episode, "First Time Again."

Morgan is a member of the Militia. He was good by nature but suffered terribly, having lost both his wife and son to Walkers. Lately, Morgan has taken a dark turn and viewers are unsure of his fate.

The Governor was the leader of Woodbury and then River Camp. His cruel and savage ways are masked by a face of happiness and charm. The Governor kept his zombified daughter in a closet and met his demise in the episode, "Too Far Gone."

Eugene was a gatekeeper and engineer for the Alexandria Safe-Zone as well as chief engineer for the Sanctuary and a Savior lieutenant. Eugene is very intelligent but has been known to be dishonest and untrustworthy because of his actions.

Olivia was first introduced in the episode, "Remember," and her duties included being inventory manager at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. She was shot in the head on Negan's orders.

Before the apocalypse, Glenn was a pizza delivery guy. Throughout the series, he became increasingly brave and won the heart of Maggie Greene. The two were married and were expecting a baby. Glenn was killed by Negan.

Maggie is one of the most formidable females in "The Walking Dead." She had suffered the loss of all her remaining family members, as well as the death of her husband. She is now the leader of Hilltop and is expecting her deceased husband's child.

Noah was in his late teens and was a supply runner for the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Also a former ward at Grady Memorial Hospital, he was eaten by Walkers in the episode, "Spend."

Bob was first introduced in the episode, "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be." He was an army medic. His family included Sasha Williams, who was his girlfriend. He was bitten on the shoulder by a Walker and had to be stabbed in the head by Tyrese.

Dale was 64 years old and a survivor of the outbreak. He drove an RV that protected a small group of survivors. He first appeared on "The Walking Dead" series episode, "Days Gone Bye." He was killed by a Walker and had to be shot in the head by Daryl.

This former politician pre-apocalypse turned into an NGO worker, member of the Militia and recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Aaron is in his early 30's and his first appearance was in the episode, "Them." Aaron is still alive.

Michonne is one of the strongest (mentally and physically) female protagonists of the show. She is a fantastic fighter, lover, and step-mom to Carl and Judith.

Rosita is a medical assistant at the Alexandria Safe-Zone and a member of the Militia. First appearing in the episode, "Inmates," Rosita is seen as brave and sassy; she is currently still alive.

Penny's first appearance in "The Walking Dead" was in the episode, "Say the Word." She was the daughter of the Governor. The Governor kept the zombified body of his daughter hidden in a closet in hopes of finding a cure. Penny was stabbed in the head by Michonne.

Carol is a formerly abused housewife turned fighter who has managed to save her friends many times. Her biggest enemy is herself as she tends to get into her head. She is still a valued member of Alexandria, as well as the Kingdom and Hilltop.

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