Only 1 in 49 People Can Correctly Name All 30 Final Fantasy Characters! Are You One?

By: Eli Youngs
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Do you have enough mana to defeat this Final Fantasy quiz?

Final Fantasy is a decades-old series of video games that incorporates elements of both fantasy and science fiction to create immersive worlds and riveting stories. While the series of video games may be immensely popular and extremely successful nowadays, initially both the creator and studio behind the first game actually created it as a last-ditch effort to solve their financial and creative troubles - hence the "Final" part of the name!

Final Fantasy is a game that has influenced countless other games, produced several shameless imitators and garnered undisputed praise. Selling over 130 million units all together, the series is one of the best-selling video games franchises of all time, garnering a very passionate and devoted fan base. The franchise has also spawned products in other types of media, including anime, manga and CGI films. As a result of this, our Final Fantasy quiz pulls characters from the extensive library of video games - from the iconic heroes and their supporting allies to the devious villains and antiheroes. 

So c'mon, reload your gun-arm and sharpen up your Buster Sword. Let's see if you can handle our FInal Fantasy quiz!

Auron was one of Braska's guardians alongside Jecht, and he guards Braska's daughter in her pilgrimage as well. Shrouded in mystery throughout Final Fantasy X, it's eventually revealed that he died after Braska's pilgrimage, but his unsent spirit lingers on.

Vivi is an iconic and fan-favorite black mage from Final Fantasy IX. He's a prototype of the other mages, and despite his artificially short lifespan he attempts to use his time to better the world.

Sephiroth, the One-Winged Angel, is the villain of Final Fantasy VII and arguably the most iconic Final Fantasy Character. Technically he barely appears in Final Fantasy VII. Most encounters with him are actually Jenova taking his form.

Kefka is the main villain of Final Fantasy VI. Remarkbably for a FF villain, he succeeds in his goal and destroys most of the world halfway through the game.

Cid was set to be the first man in space, but when this fell through, he became cynical and detached. Working with Cloud gradually lets him open up, and he ultimately becomes a capable team leader.

Terra is the main character of Final Fantasy VI. Although she appears as a human initially, she's actually half esper, and she transforms between human and esper form throughout the game.

Seymour is a half-human, half-Guado, who becomes a religious and political leader of Spira. He believes he can stop Spira's suffering by becoming the next incarnation of Sin, making him a primary antagonist.

Rinoa is the leader of an anti-government resistance movement in Final Fantasy VIII. Squall is initially assigned to protect her, but their relationship gradually develops into a romance.

Fang is one of the main protagonists in Final Fantasy XIII. Originally from Pulse, she and Vanille are fated to become Ragnarok, which will destroy Cocoon. She attempts to fulfill this focus without actually causing the intended destruction.

After his father is killed by Sephiroth, Rufus takes over the Shinra corporation. Throughout Final Fantasy VII, he opposes both Sephiroth and Avalanche.

Kuja, the main antagonist of Final Fantasy IX, was a prototype of the ultimate Angel of Death: Zidane. Kuja and Zidane both oppose their creator, but Kuja's means are far more destructive.

Zack was a friend and mentor to Cloud when they were both Shinra soldiers. After Zack's death, Cloud largely adopted his identity. His story is told more fully in the spinoff Crisis Core.

Celes was originally an imperial general in Final Fantasy VI, but she's stripped of her rank and thrown in jail for opposing Kefka. When Locke frees her, she joins his resistance movement and, after Kefka's initial victory, reassembles it.

Serah, Lightning's sister, is chosen to bring the main characters of Final Fantasy XIII together with Anima, sowing the seeds of Cocoon's destruction. When she succeeds, she's turned to crystal. After being rescued, she partners with Noel to prevent a dystopian future in the sequel.

Ashe was the princess of Dalmasca until it was attacked by Archadia. As her kingdom falls, she fakes suicide and joins a resistance group to get revenge.

Balthier is the charming "leading man" of Final Fantasy XII. Originally an Archadian Judge, he left that role behind to become a sky pirate, only to find himself pulled back into Ivalice's political strife.

Jecht was Tidus' father and Breska's guardian. In his role as guardian, he became Braska's final aeon and defeated the previous incarnation of Sin, only to become its next incarnation.

Princess Garnet escapes her family and disguises herself as a commoner, adopting the name Dagger. She eventually returns to the throne to become the new queen.

Cecil is the protagonist of Final Fantasy IV. Originally a dark knight, he defects from the king, becomes a paladin, and works with Kain to defeat Golbez.

Irvine is a sharpshooter, hired to assassinate Edea. When the assassination attempt fails, he remains part of the team, and eventually realizes he's known Squall since childhood.

Although Edea appears to be the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VIII, she's being controlled by Ultimecia, a sorceress from the future.

Freya is a dragon warrior in Final Fantasy IX, and an old friend of Zidane's. She gets involved in the central conflict when she defends her country against a black mage attack from Queen Brahne.

Kain is initially friends with Cecil, but he becomes Golbez's right hand man under mind control. Eventually he returns to Cecil's side and attempts to atone.

In Final Fantasy VI, Setzer is an arrogant airship pilot and gambler, first getting involved in your quest when he attempts to kidnap a party member. In Kingdom Hearts II, he merely attempts to bribe his way to winning a children's fighting tournament.

Paine joins Yuna and Rikku's Gullwings team after the events of Final Fantasy X. Although initially focused on sphere hunting, she eventually becomes focused on defeating Shuyin, who was responsible for the death of her previous squad.

Golbez is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy IV. He manipulates the main characters in an attempt to control the crystals, but is ultimately revealed to be a victim of mind control himself.

Ramza, the protagonist of Final Fantasy Tactics, leaves a comfortable life as a nobleman to become a mercenary. He believes ending the war in Ivalice is more important than his reputation.

Vayne is the son of the Archadian emperor, and the main antagonist in Final Fantasy XII. He attempts to become ruler of all Ivalice, directly opposing the gods.

Jihl Nabaat is the commander of PSICOM, the militarized police force of Final Fantasy XIII. When the main characters become l'Cie, she attempts to capture them to protect Cocoon. Primarch Dysley kills her when she fails.

Noctis is the protagonist of Final Fantasy XV, and he is the crown prince of Lucis.

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