96% of people can't identify all of these Care Bears by their belly symbols! Can you?

By: Jacqueline Samaroo
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There aren't many popular kids toys that can lend their history to greeting cards, but when Care Bears were first introduced by American Greeting Cards, the popular toy producer Kenner was quick to pick it up. And let's face it, boy or girl, if you were a kid in the '80s there is a good chance that you had a favorite Care Bear. Aside from their colorful fur, the real designation came from their belly badges. Hearts, diamonds, flowers and dozens of designs were unique and distinctive for each Care Bear and would later be adopted by Care Bear Cousins.

So, who was your favorite? Surprise Bear? Always There Bear? Or, maybe it was True Heart Bear. Whoever it was, you know that their belly badge was the source of their special power. But, did you know there was a Care Bear with no belly badge and therefore no discernible special power? Do you remember who this badgeless bear is? Well, you know that not having a power means his true power was overcoming obstacles and working harder. 

So, you think you know the Care Bears? Well, it's time to test your stuff with an old-fashioned Care Bear Stare. So, let your badge shine through and give this quiz a try!

True Heart Bear co-founded the Kingdom of Caring along with Noble Heart Horse. She first appeared in "Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation" (1986).

Sweet Dreams Bear is considered as Bedtime Bear’s female counterpart. She believes in the benefit of a good night’s rest. Sweet Dreams Bear does what she can to help others get the rest and relaxation they need.

Surprise Bear originally had light blue fur. She was updated for the 2000’s Care Bear toy line and her color changed to amethyst purple.

Birthday Bear was among the ten original characters when American Greetings debuted the Care Bears in 1982. He loves all types of parties – not just the birthday kind!

True to her name, Best Friend Bear is a very good friend to anyone in need of companionship. She often plays matchmaker, helping to bring characters together in true and lasting friendships.

First appearing in 2006, Always There Bear is a dependable ally. One of her traits is that she loves giving everyone hugs.

Cozy Heart Penguin is the youngest of the Care Bear characters. Her special ability is making those around her feel warm and cozy inside.

Share Bear had her on-screen debut in the first Care Bears movie. True to her name, she loves sharing … and baking!

Often dressed in a sleeping cap and slippers, Bedtime Bear enjoys helping everyone get a good night’s rest. He is one of the original ten Care Bears and is frequently featured throughout the franchise.

Do Your Best Bear likes helping others and encouraging them to do their best. He has made a few minor appearances in various forms of Care Bear media.

Bright Heart Raccoon is credited with helping to make the Care Bear Cousins a part of the Care Bear Crew. This very intelligent Care Bear Cousin likes rephrasing information so everyone can easily understand.

Gentle Heart Lamb is a very shy, soft-spoken character with a bleating voice. She approaches situations in a cautious manner but is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Originally, Secret Bear was not much of a talker, preferring to act out whatever it was she had to say. Following a relaunch, the character’s whispering voice became more audible.

Cheer Bear is noted for her ability to make up just the right cheer to encourage others or to help them solve a problem. She is one of the ten original Care Bears.

Laugh-a-Lot Bear has a knack for finding a funny side to every situation. She enjoys making others laugh and has no qualms about laughing at her own mistakes.

Pink Power Bear was a limited edition plush toy issued only in 2008. She was designed to promote breast cancer awareness with donations from sale of the Pink Power Bear toys going to research in that field.

Polite Panda works with her brother, Perfect Panda, to look after Paradise Valley. The two often speak in rhymes and have a habit of completing each other’s sentences.

As one of the original ten Care Bears, Friend Bear has gone on to appear in many forms of media within the franchise. She really is a good friend to all and was a close companion to Secret Bear in the first Care Bears series.

Smart Heart Bear loves school, books and learning. She is an intelligent Care Bear who speaks with a British Accent.

Shine Bright Bear is into fashion and looking her best – all the time! She believes looking great on the outside also helps to make you feel great on the inside.

Perfect Panda is brother to Polite Panda. Together with his sister, he has the responsibility of caring for Paradise Valley. The two Pandas are quite close – to the point of frequenting finishing each other’s sentences.

Funshine Bear is one of the first ten Care Bears released by American Greetings. He’s all about having a good time with friends while making more friends to have fun with.

Thanks-a-lot Bear believes in the power of showing gratitude. She encourages those around her to use their words in a kind and thankful way.

Superstar Bear is a friendly and fun-loving ball of energy. She’s into fashion and, as her name suggests, she enjoys being in the limelight.

Harmony Bear’s name suits her perfectly as she is a wonderful singer with a harmonious voice. She also enjoys using her songs to encourage people to work together in harmony.

Good Luck Bear was introduced as one of the ten original Care Bears from American Greetings. He has made numerous appearances throughout the franchise.

As the first bilingual Care Bear, Amigo Bear is fluent in Spanish and enjoys sharing his Hispanic culture. He is also very good at being a friend – just as his name suggests.

This artistic Care Bear has multi-colored fur and loves to show off her talents. She also enjoys encouraging others to use their own creativity.

Champ Bear has appeared in several forms of Care Bear media. He is an athletic bear with a love of baseball and sharing the benefits of good sportsmanship with others.

The leader of the Care Bear Cousins, Brave Heart Lion is as kind as he is fearless. He has the ability to fill others with courage.

Grams Bear is grandma to all of the Care Bear family. She is also the caregiver of Baby Hugs Bear and Baby Tugs Bear.

It’s easy to tell Grumpy Bear apart from the other Care Bears because even though he’s as cute as the others, he's not all smiles and cheerfulness. He does, however, encourage others to remember they are loved, no matter how bad a day they are having.

Heartsong Bear has a love of music and can always find just the right song to suit any situation. She is friends with Harmony Bear.

Too Loud Bear was first introduced in the 2005 film, "The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie." He tends to mispronounce words and likes to say “Whatever” when corrected.

Daydream Bear was released exclusively in the UK in the 1980s. Upon re-release in the 2000s, she was made available worldwide.

Love-a-Lot Bear was a part of the original Care Bears release in 1982. She uses the word “love” a lot and shows love to all those around her.

Bashful Heart Bear is the shyest of all the Care Bears. He was first introduced in 2004 during a relaunch of the franchise.

Just like Laugh-a-Lot and Thanks-a-Lot, Play-a-Lot was first introduced sometime between 2002 and 2006. All their names follow the same pattern as Love-a-Lot (one of the original ten Care Bears).

Lotsa Heart Elephant debuted in "The Care Bears Movie" (1985). She has since appeared in many forms of media throughout the franchise. She displays a deep understanding of the emotions of others.

Grandfatherly Tenderheart Bear has a way of knowing exactly what to do to help others share their feelings. He is one of the original ten Care Bears.

Sweet Sakura Bear was developed specifically for sale in Japan. She bears a pink cherry blossom as a part of her belly symbol and has all the traditional traits of a polite Japanese girl.

Just like Me Bear and Too Loud Bear, Messy Bear had his introduction in the film, "The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie" (2005). He loves cooking, eating and making a mess.

Baby Tugs Bear and his twin sister, Baby Hugs Bear, first appeared in the television special, The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine (1984). He has since been widely featured throughout the franchise.

As one of the original ten, Wish Bear made her American Greetings debut in 1982. She is best friends with Twinkers, a wishing star.

As a Santa Claus equivalent, Great Giving Bear is the jolly Care Bear who brings gifts for everyone on Great Giving Day. He has the ability to teleport.

Hopeful Heart Bear is a very optimistic bear and as such, tends to always have a cheerful disposition. She helps others to see the bright side of every situation with which they are faced.

Take Care Bear first appeared in a cough syrup coloring book in 1987. She tries her best to help everyone live healthful and happy lives.

Alongside her twin brother, Baby Tugs Bear, Baby Hugs Bear debuted in 1984 in the television special, "The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine." They are the youngest of the Care Bears and are cared for by Grams Bear.

Wonderheart Bear is Tenderheart Bear's niece. She was first introduced in the "Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot" series (2012). This playful Care Bear is curious about everything and always wants to join in on adventures.

Me Bear made her debut in the 2005 film, "The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie." She carries around a little hand mirror and loves to look at her reflection.

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