Quiz: Can You Figure Out The Purpose Of These Aircraft From Their Image?
Can You Figure Out The Purpose Of These Aircraft From Their Image?
By: Craig
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Aircraft. Birds of iron and steel. Remarkable feats of human invention and creativity. Since the birth of the first airplane, people have been exploring the skies and traveling effortlessly to exotic places.But truly, aircraft are at the intersection of science and human courage. These machines are able to fly by gaining support from the air. They counter the force of gravity by using static lift, and sometimes even the downward thrust from jet engines. Did you know that hot air balloons are aircraft? So are gliders, blimps, helicopters and so much more! In this quiz, we’re going to explore it all, and really see if you have the smarts to understand the remarkable world of aviation. Whether you’re a professional or just an airplane lover, you’re going to be utterly challenged. For instance, did you know that aircraft are classified by different criteria, such as lift type, usage, and propulsion? We’ll start you off with an easy one: Who flies the plane? It’s the pilot, of course, and in this quiz, you’re going to be the pilot of your own brain, flying from question to question with utter grace, focus and wicked smarts. Don’t let us down, because we’re pretty sure that you’re going to soar to all-new heights.

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