Quiz: 97% of People Can't Identify These Cities from a Black and White Photo! Can You?
97% of People Can't Identify These Cities from a Black and White Photo! Can You?
By: Jaclyn Lavine
Image: Alexander Spatari/ Moment/ Getty Images

About This Quiz

What make's a city beautiful depends on your definition of the word. For some, it may be ultra-modern skyscrapers, soaring to new heights. For others, it may be a city's natural beauty, the mountains, and oceans.  Or perhaps what make's a city beautiful is its historical buildings, such as churches and town halls. 

Some cities have got it all -- the futuristic skyline surrounded by mountain ranges or rivers, speckled with cathedrals and historical landmarks. But regardless of how one might define the term, the images of the 40 cities in this quiz are remarkable. These cities are recognizable for a multitude of reasons, for their natural beauty, sustainability, feats of engineering, architectural wonders, you name it! 

Whatever it is that makes these cities so awe-inspiring, a true adventurist or traveler would be able to identify them based on one image, even if that image was in black and white!  Each image in this quiz is in black and white, eliminating the color that makes some of these cities so recognizable. 

Do you think you can identify these cities from a black and white photo? Take out your world traveling photo album and prove it!  Challenge yourself and your friends with this quiz! 

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