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Ah, the '90s. Who could forget such a very colorful decade? Generation X people won't, that's for sure! While for a lot of Boomers, the '90s was the decade they realized they actually WERE grownups, it was a great time at the movies!

This is a decade full of wonder, of mystery, and also full of discovery at the same time. Those who grew up in the '90s were really on the cusp of many kinds of changes in the world. Be it sociological, psychological, technological or political, it all happened during that rather eclectic time! 

Those changes, of course, are always reflected in the arts, as carried over by the artists who created them. It's no different when it comes to the movies. The quality of '90s filmmakers and '90s actors are indeed different from their counterparts from other decades. Some of them defined this decade very well, while some were stellar then and disappeared soon after.

But whatever happened to such stars and filmmakers, it's a good thing that we still have their movies as eternal souvenirs of their genius at work. So, do you think you can easily guess the titles of these movies just by figuring out the picture clues we give you here? Come one, give it a try! Roll cam! 

"My Heart Will Go On" for this '90s box-office breaker. What film is it?

It’s easy to guess that this is Titanic. The sunken ship is a worldwide issue.


It's a theme park featuring dinosaur DNA! What film is this?

Jurassic Park is from a novel. They’re still milking it for the movies.


They're from a secret agency tasked to monitor aliens -- and they're funny! Who are they?

This is Men in Black. It’s a hilarious film!


Jim, Stifler, Stifler's mom, Oz, Michelle... and some pastry. What film is this?

This is American Pie. The film redefined the teen sex comedy genre back then.


It's all about the moolah...and a locomotive. Which action film is this?

Money Train is an action film. It stars Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, plus it introduced Jennifer Lopez to movie audiences.


Hannibal Lecter represent! Which award-winning detective drama film is this?

Silence of the Lambs is an award-winning ‘90s film. Who could ever forget Hannibal Lecter?


Woody and Buzz Lightyear represent! Which film is this?

Toy Story is a revolutionary ‘90s animation film. It's one of the biggest animated movies ever, and has spawned successful sequels.


The first rule of this association is to not talk about this association. Which film is this?

Fight Club and Tyler Durden! Redefining toxic masculinity at its finest during the ‘90s.


Imhotep represent! Which comedy adventure film is this?

This is The Mummy. The ‘90s version had more humor.


As if! Know this one?

Clueless stars Alicia Silverstone. It’s a great teen movie back then, and even now.


Hakuna Matata!What's this one?

The Lion King already progressed transmedia-wise. It’s also a hit Broadway musical now.


"I made my family disappear!" What's this one?

Home Alone made Macaulay Culkin a star. It also gave some '90s kids dangerous ideas.


Anne Rice didn't initially approve... Which film is this?

Interview with the Vampire introduced movie fans to Anne Rice’s book characters. It’s being turned into a TV series soon!


Tale as old as time... Got this one?

Beauty and the Beast also transcended from its animated ‘90s roots. It became a live-action movie in the 2010s.


The Lost Boys approve! Somewhat... What Spielberg film is this?

What if Peter Pan indeed grew up and forgot who he is? That’s what Hook is about.


Tim Burton at his finest! Which Winona Ryder co-starrer is this?

Edward Scissorhands stars Gen-X’s fave movie couple in the ‘90s. That’s Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder.


This star-studded period film whodunit starred Russell Crowe, Kim Basinger, Guy Pearce, and Kevin Spacey. What's the title?

This is L.A. Confidential. It has an award-winning screenplay.


No one messes with this important US holiday...not even aliens! What's this one?

The original Independence Day was a blast. The sequel, not as much …


William Wallace approves! What film is this?

Braveheart stars Mel Gibson at the height of his ‘90s career. Can he make a comeback?


Richard Gere + Julia Roberts = which film, the one where she's a hooker?

Pretty Woman made Julia Roberts a star. But she made lots of movies before that one.


Sam Neill + Holly Hunter + Anna Paquin + a musical instrument = which New Zealand film?

New Zealand director Jane Campion made The Piano. Young Anna Paquin met the world in this film, and won an Oscar in the process.


Martin Scorsese directed this book-turned-film story about gambling. What's the title?

Casino is set in Vegas. It's an often-overlooked De Niro work.


Before sunset and midnight, this happened first. What film is this?

Before Sunrise is by Richard Linklater. This indie fave spawned two sequels.


"Oh my love, my darling..." can you guess this ethereal one?

Demi Moore’s Ghost haircut was the buzz of the ‘90s. You'll never look at pottery the same way again.


It's also a term for teens who loiter in shopping centers. What film is this?

Mallrats is by Kevin Smith. Ben Affleck is here!


This one's obviously about a car dealer. What's the title?

Cadillac Man stars Robin Williams. Yep, it’s a comedy!


Louisa May Alcott wrote the original book version. What film adaptation is this?

Little Women is the screen adaptation of the beloved young adult novel. It stars Winona Ryder.


No, it's not about sailors who are royalty. What's this film?

The Fisher King is an intriguing ‘90s film. Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams make an outstanding duo.


Kevin Costner starred in and directed it. What film is this?

Dances with Wolves was a huge effort for Kevin Costner back in the '90s. He won major awards for it.


It's about a man of cloth. What's the title?

The 1990s Priest movie is about a scandal. It’s different from the newer one that’s like an action movie.


This one features a blind military officer. What's the title?

Scent of a Woman stars Al Pacino at his finest. He chews scenery left and right.


It was set during World War II. Which film was this?

The Thin Red Line earned seven Oscar nominations (including Best Picture)! What a feat!


It's not exactly about animals per se, but it's mythical like that... What film is this?

The Crow is the controversial ‘90s film. Bruce Lee’s son Brandon was killed on the set.


Emilio Esteves is a kiddie coach here. What's this one?

The Mighty Ducks stars Emilio Estevez. Joshua Jackson is still a kid here, and a hockey team took its name from the flick.


It's a dozen times intriguing! What film is this?

Twelve Monkeys is a mind-twisting Terry Gilliam classic. Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis are good in here, too.


Tom Hanks is in this state-crossing romcom. What's the title?

Sleepless in Seattle stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. These two are pretty much the cutest movie couple ever.


Drew Barrymore played a waitress here. What's the title?

The ‘90s film The Wedding Singer brought back a lot of ‘80s nostalgia in it. You can hear it in the songs!


Alan Ball, creator of Six Feet Under, wrote this 1999 hit. What's the title?

American Beauty is by director Sam Mendes. It’s a dark comedy of sorts.


When Jack the Pumpkin King kidnaps Santa Claus, what happens? This film! What's the title?

The Nightmare Before Christmas is by director Tim Burton. He excels in doing these kinds of dark but lovable animated films.


Have mask and fencing sword, and he appears. Which film is this?

The ‘90s film The Mask of Zorro has an old Zorro train a new one. Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins play those roles.


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