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In its infancy, the NFL was known as the APFA (American Professional Football Association). The league began in 1920 with eleven teams, of which only four lasted to the end of the season. By 1922, the NFL was officially started, and today only a handful of those teams still exist: The Arizona Cardinals who began as the Chicago Cardinals, the Chicago Staleys who are now known as the Chicago Bears, and the Green Bay Packers. 

Since then, dozens of teams have started as a fresh franchise, moved cities and gone defunct. Almost as convoluted as the comings and goings of NFL teams are their continuous "modernizing" of logos. While some logos stand the test of time, others are flashy and bold. If you consider yourself an elite NFL fan, then it's time to step up and see how many of these NFL teams you can identify from only a small portion of a logo. You might think it's easy enough, but remember - logos, along with their designs and colors, change often.

It's time to break the huddle and line up. We just hope you don't stumble on the five-yard line. It takes the best in the game to figure out all of these NFL logos. Are you up to the challenge?

In the 1990s, this team played in what was at the time the league's largest stadium, the Silverdome.

The team mascot is named Roary the Lion.


This team played in Sun Devil Stadium from 1988-2005

Being founded in 1898 makes the Cardinals the oldest pro-football team in the United States.


This team dominated the 1980s, winning 4 of their 5 Super Bowls in that decade.

The 49ers first Super Bowl appearance was Super Bowl XVI in 1982. They brought home a victory against the Bengals with a final score of 26-21.


This team played in what is often called "The Greatest Game Ever Played"

The Giants officially became a part of the NFL in 1925.


There's a whole lot of brotherly love in the city this team is located.

The Eagles first regular season game was October 15th, 1933 against the New York Giants. The final score was 56-0, a big loss for the Eagles.


Wave those terrible towels if you know the answer to this one.

The Steelers lay claim to more Super Bowl championships than any other NFL franchise.


This team is often referred to as "America's Team." Which team is it?

Besides their NFL achievements in the league, the Cowboys are prominently known for their cheer leading squad.


You'll find this team playing their home games at Lucas Oil Stadium. Who is it?

The Colts originally called Baltimore home until they were moved to Indianapolis in 1984.


This team has called Arrowhead Stadium home since 1972.

The Chiefs were the first team to represent the AFL (American Football League) in the 1969 Super Bowl.


This team recently relocated to their current city.

The Rams were an LA based team from 1946-1995 when the team was moved to Saint Louis. In 2016 they moved back to LA and became known again as the Los Angeles Rams again.


This team plays their home games a mile above sea level. Who are they?

The Broncos became an established franchise of the NFL in 1959 by Bob Howsam who also was the owner of minor league baseball.


This team's fans will loudly, and often, chant the letters and name of their team over and over again. Do you know the team?

The Jets home stadium is MetLife Stadium located in East Rutherford, New Jersey.


Along with the Los Angeles Rams, this team also relocated cities in recent history.

The Chargers first winning season was in 1960 with stats of 10 wins to 4 loses.


This team has appeared in more Super Bowls than any other team. Who are they?

The Patriots were involved in the 2015 AFC Championship Game football tampering scandal nicknamed 'deflatgate'.


One of this team's nicknames is the Silver and Black.

As of today they have a total of three Super Bowl wins, Super Bowl XI, XV, XVIII.


The team that this logo belongs to won Super Bowls in 1982, 1987 and 1991.

The Redskins used to be called the Boston Braves, then the Boston Redskins until they were moved to D.C. where they then became the Washington Redskins.


Chomps, a 6'1" Labrador, is this team's mascot.

The Cleveland Browns were established as a franchise in 1946 by Arthur B. McBride and Paul Brown. Brown and McBride were chartered members of the AAFC (All-American Football Conference).


The team that this logo belongs to used to be located in Houston, Texas. Do you know who they are?

They originally were the the Tennessee Oilers instead of Titans.


This team is known as the Purple People Eaters.

The team's first appearance in a Super Bowl was in Super Bowl IV where it was a 23-7 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.


Can you identify the logo of the only community-owned major league professional sports team in the United States?

The NFL Super Bowl trophy is named the Vince Lombardi Trophy. It is actually named after the Packers head coach who took home two back to back Super Bowl wins in 1966 and 1967. Lombardi was a legendary NFL coach and who was honored by being inducted into Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.


This team is located in the same home state as two other NFL teams.

The Bills were back to back AFL Champions in the years 1964 and 1965.


This team has a fierce rivalry with the New Orleans Saints.

The team's mascot is named Freddie the Falcon.


Famed NFL quarterback Dan Marino played his entire career for this team from 1983-1999. Which team was it?

The Dolphins were granted a franchise in the NFL on August 16th, 1965.


This team won their only Super Bowl in 1985.

The Bears were the victors of Super Bowl XX in 1986. It is the only Super Bowl win they have had.


This team traditionally has black stripes on their helmets.

Over the years the Bengals have drafted the most new players from Ohio State University.


From 2011-2017, the secondary for this team was known as the "Legion of Boom." Who are they?

Currently Pete Carroll is the Seahawks head coach.


In recent years, "who dat?" has become a chant of support from fans of this team.

The team played their first game at Tulane Stadium on September 17th, 1967.


Jon Gruden coached this team to victory in Super Bowl XXXVII in 2002. Which team was it?

The Buccaneers had their first winning season in the year 1979 with the stats of 10 wins to 6 loses.


This team was founded in 1995. Which team is it?

This team is a relatively young team in the National Football League. The Jaguars were granted franchise in the league in the year 1993.


This team was recently bought and sold for $2.3 billion dollars, a world record for a sports franchise at the time. Which team was it?

The Carolina Panthers were established in 1993 as a franchise of the NFL by Jerry Richardson. Richardson is the second former professional football player to own a team in the NFL.


Once located in Cleveland, this team now calls another city it's home. Which team is it?

The team actually got their name due to a telephone poll. The name 'Baltimore Ravens' was extremely popular according the results from the poll.


The NFLs youngest franchise, can you name this team?

The current owner of the Texans is Bob McNair.


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